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Skyrim Mods: Ten Mods That’ll Renew Your Skyrim Experience (Part 2)

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Like what we have discussed in the article before, Bethesda has truly outdone themselves with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A lot of effort have been put into the development of the game engine, so that each action in-game is truly immersive, from the swing of a sword, down to a rolling cheese wheel down the side of a hill. Aside from that, the open-world experience allows for a player to truly control his or her own gameplay. One thing that truly makes the game worth playing over and over again is mods.

Most of these mods, usually loaded with the use of a mod manager, are made by gamers for gamers. Each of them serves a definite purpose: whether you want to become Skyrim?s truly designated protector, have a house that you can build out of scraps, or just simply bring realism into a harsh, cold wasteland that is the whole of Skyrim.

Here are some more mods that add a ton of realism to the game. From truly experiencing what it?s like to have a full-blown war across Skyrim to cleaning up your enemy and friend?s corpse properly, here are a few mods that a beginner to Skyrim mod-gaming will truly appreciate.

1. Hothtrooper 44’s?Immersive Weapons

samurai immersive weapons

How does 224 weapons and 6 new, game-integrated arrows sound to you? This is exactly what the Immersive Weapons mod does. Aside from integrating all these weapons into the Skyrim world, you won?t have to worry about spoiling the game. Each of the weapons are lore-friendly and, because of this, does not spoil the gameplay nor the lore of Skyrim. The weapons can be crafted from a blacksmith?s shop, can be bought from a vendor in any part of the game, or, if you?re into dungeon crawling, can be found appropriately leveled into any dungeon.

2. Immersive Armour by Hothtrooper 44

immersive armours

You might be the Dragonborn, but do you look like the Dragonborn? Some gamers might find the vanilla armors integrated into the game a bit lackluster, unfitting even for a character that is supposed to be this legendary hero. Well, this mod attempts to solve that problem by introducing a whole new array of different armor sets, as well as variants for each. If you?re a thief or archer type, you can opt to go light-armored. However, if you?re the knight or barbarian type who likes to tank, then it?s the heavy armors for you. Aside from that, different custom items such as eyepatches, earrings, and capes truly make you stand out from the NPCs.

3.?Warzones ? Civil Unrest by MyGoodEye


While the main point in Skyrim is to face the return of dragons head-on, the unrest and civil war raging on for the throne of High King is not far behind by any means. However, gamers may have been disappointed in the vanilla game. So far, Skyrim seems to be a tranquil place, in spite of the various NPCs talking about how a civil war is raging. By adding this mod, you are placing yourself in the thick of battle. NPCs from rival parties are found fighting in key points strategically placed to make the player feel as if he is part of the struggle either fighting for one faction or the other. The battles also change dynamically as you play, making no two battles similar to each other.

4. Scrabbulor’s Immersive Patrols

immersive patrols

A perfect follow-up to the Skyrim Civil War mod, this mod provides an immersion in a world full of distrust. As a result of the Civil War raging on, Skyrim is a more dangerous place, so it only makes sense that there are patrols of rival factions the Imperials and Stormcloaks roaming the land. Not enough for you? There are in-game options for you to fully customize and enhance according to who you want to see in-game. You may have a lot of bandits roaming around as well, or if you want, you could also stumble upon creatures of the dark in your travels across the region.

5. Mofakin’s Clean Up Your Corpses


Have you ever killed anyone within a village or small hamlet inside a Hold in Skyrim, only to have their corpses left rotting right where you killed them? This mod solves that. It adds an option to Skyrim where you can either bury the dead, or, in the case of your follower NPCs or a worthy adversary, burn them in a funeral pyre, watching as their souls are taken up into the Netherworld of Skyrim.

Special mentions:

  • Appropriately Attired Jarls ? feel like you?re even more properly dresses than the rulers of Skyrim?s various holds? This mod modifies the clothing of the Jarl, so that they will have an appearance befitting of their station.
  • Unlimited Bookshelves ? Perfect for the hoarder in you. If you feel that you?ve got a lot of books, spell tomes, or scrolls, but no place to store them, this mod solves the problem for you.

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