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Telltale’s Batman Season 2, Wolf Among Us Season 2 Possibly Headed SDCC 2017

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Telltale Games SDCC 2017
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Telltale Games has recently teased an announcement for their upcoming appearance at San Diego Comic Con 2017. The developers have yet to pinpoint which games will appear, but fans are already finding hints of a Season 2 release for their Batman and Wolf Among Us titles.

In the Film and Video Labelling Body’s site, a Batman: The Enemy Within – Season Pass has been found. So far, Telltale Games’ Batman series is the only recent Batman game out in the market. Fans speculate that this Season Pass are for the episodes of Telltale Games’ Batman Season 2.

Meanwhile, the Wolf Among Us main character voice actor, Adam Harrington, retweeted Telltale’s San Diego Comic Con 2017 post on Twitter. Many fans took this as a hint for the second season of the Wolf Among Us game. However, Telltale Games clarified on Twitter about keeping fans’ expectations in check with Harrington’s retweet. Previously, the voice actor provided the voice for Groot in Telltale Games’ Guardians of the Galaxy series.

Telltale Games also expressed their desire to return to the Wolf Among Us series soon. “We’d KILL to step back into that world some day & we know our fans would too. Your voices & your passion will never go unheard here at [Telltale Games],” said the developer on social media.

Currently, Telltale Games has yet to conclude the first season of Guardians of the Galaxy and second season of Minecraft Story Mode. Their San Diego Comic Con appearance may also just talk about these current titles’ next episodes.

After The Wolf Among Us, the company hasn’t made any original stories. Telltale fans may have to wait some more to see a new season for a follow up to their original games or a new series. Stay updated with more Telltale Games news here on The BitBag.

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