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Tekken 7 Handles Loot Better Than Injustice 2, But Reveals Its Lack Of Content

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Tekken 7
Source: Tekken 7 – E3 Trailer | XB1, PS4, PC video

Unlike Injustice 2, Tekken 7 has a wealth of cosmetic items that can be directly purchased with in-game money. An abundance of loot and in-game currency rewards makes obtaining each cosmetic items a breeze. Aside from this, multiple Tekken 7 players have confirmed that playing a total of 2000 matches will unlock all content in the game, negating the need for mundane grinding. However, Tekken 7’s 2000 matches inadvertently reveals that the fighting game is lacking in single-player content.

2000 Matches Reward Confirmed

Reddit user Liln360 confirmed the said reward in the Tekken subreddit by sharing an image album that contains some of his character cosmetics, match record, highest ranked character, and the 2000 matches notification itself. At best, this proves the existence of the 2000 match reward.

Liln360 noted that players don’t necessarily have to win all 2000 matches. Online and offline battles both count towards the 2000 match quota. 

Reaching 2000 matches can be tedious, though it’s good for the game’s longevity. Considering that reaching 2000 matches can be a grind, players should considering using multiple characters. According to Reddit User thegundamx, around 400 wins is needed to max one character’s ranking.

Better Than Injustice 2

Tekken 7’s reward system easily beats Injustice 2’s RNG (Random Number Generator) loot box system when it comes to collecting all unlockable cosmetics. Injustice 2’s Mother Box system allows players to get cosmetic options, alternate colors, and equippable special moves for each character. However, getting the right cosmetics all depends on luck and chance as it runs on an RNG system.

Players will have to put in effort and patience to get what they want off Mother Boxes. Clearing missions, objectives, guild objectives, and daily challenges are some of the ways to earn Mother Boxes. 

Unlike Tekken 7, costumes in Injustice 2 also affect a character’s stats. There are also gear abilities that can hugely change the gameplay. One of the most popular ability is Robin’s Staff of Grayson, which allows the character to use an entirely new weapon and moveset.

Players would have to grind and hope for the best that they’ll eventually get the items they want in a large pool of character cosmetics to draw from. Tekken 7 squashes the stress of this system through the 2000 matches reward and ensures players that they get all their desired items.

What to Do After

After unlocking all cosmetics and gallery items in Tekken 7, there’s not really much else to do afterwards. Tekken 7’s story is too brief and uninteresting to play for a second run, even at higher difficulties. A short one-hour Treasure Battle session can shower players with Fight Money and Achievements. Since no more single-player content can be obtained, players who’ve received the 2000 matches reward can only settle with improving their skills in using more characters or playing Tekken in a more competitive level.

In contrast, Injustice 2 encourages players to try out more characters due to its stat-changing gear system. Because players can’t fully control what gear they’ll get from loot boxes, they’ll often get useful gear for characters they don’t use. Due to gear affecting a character’s stats, battles also become easier. Player’s barrier of entry in using unfamiliar characters decrease as long as they have decent gear.

Learning the basics, efficient strategies, combos, and other competitive Tekken 7 knowledge remains the only focus for players who have unlocked all in-game content. However, competitive Tekken 7 requires players to continuously play PvP to improve their skills as AI enemies are different from Human opponents. Tekken 7’s systems set itself up for a good competitive fighting game experience, but it’s not for players who want to exclusively enjoy its single-player offerings.

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