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Tekken 7 Update 1.01: 600MB Day One Patch Adds New Content And Online Optimizations

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tekken 7 update 1.01
Tekken 7 will have a 600 MB day one update. [Image from PlayStation Store]

Bandai Namco announced Tekken 7 update 1.01, which will be rolling out when the game is released this week. Only weighing in at a decent 600 MB, the game’s update shouldn’t bother those with a fairly decent Internet connection. It’s also pretty vital for those that want to play it online, so download it before starting the game up.

According to a Tweet from Flying_Monkey from AvoidThePuddble, the update will add online optimizations and a Tournament mode. The aforementioned mode is Double Elimination, and should be a fun mode for those that play the game online. Said update might also add support for the game’s pre-order character, but that hasn’t been clarified.

Tekken Care of Business

Fans are probably pleased that Tekken 7 update 1.01 isn’t too big, considering the 42GB file size is long download for those going digital. Players should be able to head online and dish out punishment right away, so the game has it’s priorities straight. Now fans can only hope that the game’s online stability holds up, since the first few days can be rough.

Online play is really important for fighting games, so having an update that optimizes it is a good move. Hopefully, the update does it’s job and makes sure that the online fights are smooth and fun for everyone. Judging how intense this game’s tournaments tend to be, we can expect plenty of heated fights when playing online.

All the Rest

With Tekken 7 update 1.01, fans can go online and fight their friends or strangers right away. Those that aren’t into online play will have plenty of modes to go through, like Story, Arcade and Treasure Battle. Character customization will also return, though it does not have stat changes like the Gear system in Injustice 2.

Bandai Namco have promised an epic story mode for the game, with the usual family quarrels between the Mishima family. Some fans have reported a short story for the game, but there are other modes players can check out. Overall, the title should be a good one for longtime fans of the series and those curious about the latest installment.

Tekken 7 will be available on June 2 for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Those that pre-order the game will get Eliza from Tekken Revolution. Two guest characters will be added as DLC later on, along with a special mode, which players can get via the season pass.

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