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Tekken 7 Story Mode Lasts One Hour, Says Leaker

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Tekken 7 Story Mode
Source: Tekken 7 – Opening Cinematic | PS4, X1, Steam video

A known leaker recently announced that the Tekken 7 Story mode could be cleared in an hour. The leaker continues that character side stories only have one fight for them. If this is the case, the game’s story mode could be shorter than the other fighting games released this year.


According to Wonkey’s post, Tekken 7’s Story mode was cleared in just an hour. Potentially the story mode might just be short or easy for Wonkey’s “ French guy” source that played Tekken 7. Meanwhile, the game’s character side stories only have one fight attached to them. Spoilers about the Tekken 7 story might now be found on social media and streaming sites soon. However, Bandai Namco EU Community Manager Isshak Gravi denies Wonkey’s leaks and locks its thread in the Tekken 7 Steam Discussion.

Wonkey has already leaked legitimate information in the past. As seen on the TekkenZaibatsu forum, Wonkey leaked about Josie and Gigas’ appearance before they were named. We’ll have to wait for Tekken 7’s release this June 2 to try out the story mode for ourselves.

Story Mode Hints in Tekken 7 Trophies

Tekken 7’s achievement list has already been out and includes trophies that are only attainable in Story Mode. The “It’s Time For You To Meet Your End” trophy is obtained after Chapter 13 which sets the Tekken 7 Story mode to have 13 chapters at least. Meanwhile, the “Master of the Iron Fist” trophy confirms of a Special Chapter in the story mode. A total of 13 chapters seems large enough for a long story but we don’t know how fast the story’s pacing is.

Tekken 7’s Plot

Announcements about Tekken 7’s plot stated that this entry will mark the end of the conflict in the Mishima family. Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi Mishima, and Jin Kazama are relatives trying to kill each other in an effort to attain power or exact revenge. The previous entries showed that Kazuya, Heihachi, and Jin are shown to treat people around them poorly. Tekken 7 might finally be interested in burying this gritty story to continue this series.

As seen on Shirrako’s video about the Tekken 7 Story mode footage, the early part of the story mode includes Kazuya, Heihachi, and Nina. The game’s story mode has a tutorial feel to it where players will be introduced to new Tekken 7 gameplay systems like Rage Arts. We’ve yet to know about events that happen beyond these early parts due to Bandai Namco’s embargo.

Character Side Story

Wonkey also mentioned that the character side stories only have one fight each. These side stories might be enough to explain the character’s reason for competing in the Tekken 7’s King of the Iron Fist Tournament. New characters like Josie, Lucky Chloe, and Katarina seem to enter the tournament with grounded goals. Meanwhile, mysterious characters like Claudio, Eliza, and Master Raven might be related to the “Devil Gene” heritage in the Mishima and Kazama bloodline. Returning characters might also have goals of their own that concerns about other King of Iron Fist participants. However, their stories could be considered minor to the Mishima family conflict.

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