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Tekken 7 Review Scores Decent Marks On Famitsu, Trophy List Revealed As Release Date Nears

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tekken 7 review
Tekken 7 has gotten praise from Famitsu. [Image from PlayStation Store]

Famitsu has released their anticipated Tekken 7 review, and fans can breathe a sigh of relief, since it’s pretty good. If that wasn’t enough to get excited for the game, the fighter’s trophies/achievements have also been revealed for players. The seventh installment of the popular fighting game comes out next week, so fans won’t have to wait too long.

While this is the first game for the current console generation, the title has been in arcades for some time. Console gamers will get plenty of content, like the Story Mode and a unique game mode that isn’t Tekken Force. DLC characters will also be making their way to the game as well, and more content is being worked on.

High Scores

According to Gematsu, the positive Tekken 7 review score is four 9’s out of 10, scoring an overall score of 36 out of 40. That’s a pretty great score, showing that it’s a pretty great fighting game, so fans have nothing to worry about. Only time will tell if it’s better than Injustice 2, but it should give the DC fighter a good run for it’s money.

Expect more reviews next week, maybe even a few days before the game’s actual release on June 2. If it keeps getting reviews like this, it should be one of the top fighters of 2017, so that’s good. While fans wait, Famitsu’s final score should be good enough to get all fans excited for the game.

Trophy Fights

While fans ponder about the Tekken 7 review, Exophase has discovered 43 trophies on the PS4 version of the game. Some of them can be achieved through the Story Mode, while others can be earned in online and offline modes. Completionists will have a good time getting these, especially if they want to get 100% completion for the Platinum Trophy.

These achievements have revealed some interesting details about the game as well, like multiple character episodes. Floor destruction and multiple stage arenas have also been revealed here, so fans have that to look forward to. The trophy list isn’t spoilery, so feel free if to read through if you’re planning to get all these achievements. Here’s the full trophy list courtesy of Exophase.

  • I’ll Get Everything Back!: Acquired all trophies.
  • Yeah! I Did It!: Won a ranked match online.
  • Not Bad: Won a player match online.
  • Okay! I’m Ready!: Won a battle in online tournament.
  • Come And Get Some, I Dare You!: Fought ten online battles.
  • Instant Annihilation: Won three times consecutively in Treasure Battle.
  • Wow, I’m Pretty Strong!: Won three special matches in Treasure Battle.
  • You Think You’re Tougher Than Me?: Finished the prologue of the main story.
  • Let’s Do This: Finished Chapter 1 of the main story.
  • You Challenge Me?!: Finished Chapter 8 of the main story.
  • I Can’t Accept This Fate: Finished Chapter 13 of the main story.
  • It’s Time For You To Meet Your End!: Watched the epilogue of the main story.
  • I Demand To Know The Truth!: Finished three Character Episode stories.
  • Lightning Of Fate: Finished 10 Character Episode stories.
  • No Pain, No Gain: Dealt 50,000 damage in Practice mode.
  • Cool!: Obtained 20 treasure boxes.
  • I’ve Finally Found You!: Obtained 50 treasure boxes.
  • The Prosperous Inevitably Decline: Beat Akuma in an Arcade Battle or a Special Match in Treasure Battle.
  • Fear My Wrath: Beat Devil Kazumi in an Arcade Battle or a Special Match in Treasure Battle.
  • Don’t Take It Personally: Achieved a perfect victory. (Excluding offline VS Battle)
  • You Fought Well: Achieved a great victory. (Excluding offline VS Battle)
  • There’s Nowhere To Run. Give Up!: Dealt 10 homing attacks. (Excluding offline VS Battle)
  • I’ll Kick Your Butt To Hell And Back: Dealt 70+ damage in an air combo. (Excluding offline VS Battle)
  • Just Relax, You Can Do It: Performed three 10 hit combos. (Excluding offline VS Battle)
  • Elegance At Its Purest: Triggered 10 screws. (Excluding offline VS Battle)
  • Power Is Everything!: Dealt 10 power crushes. (Excluding offline VS Battle)
  • Overdrive!: Dealt 10 Rage Drives. (Excluding offline VS Battle)
  • We Settle This Now!: Dealt 20 Rage Arts. (Excluding offline VS Battle)
  • Stun Gun!: Snatched victory from the jaws of defeat 5 times with Rage Art. (Excluding offline VS Battle)
  • This Should Be Fun: Got promoted to 1st dan.
  • Your Technique Is Impressive: Got promoted to Initiate.
  • Roar! (Nice Moves!): Got promoted to Brawler.
  • Hot-Blooded Fighter: Got promoted to Warrior.
  • Anger Of The Beast: Dealt an overall total of 1,000 damage while in rage mode. (Excluding offline VS Battle)
  • Sturdy And Indestructible: Blocked 5 Rage Arts. (Excluding offline VS Battle)
  • Don’t Hold Anything Back: Defeated 20 opponents of a higher rank.
  • Destructive Drive: Performed a floor-breaking move. (Excluding offline VS Battle)
  • Crushing Impact!: Performed a balcony-breaking move. (Excluding offline VS Battle)
  • Going Somewhere?: Reached the bottom floor of the Forgotten Realm stage. (Excluding offline VS Battle)
  • Please Don’t Tell My Father: Reached the deepest part of the Jungle Outpost stage. (Excluding offline VS Battle)
  • It’s Just Business: Obtained an overall total of 5,000,000G.
  • Excellent: Obtained an overall total of 10,000,000G.
  • Master Of Iron Fist: Finished the Special Chapter of the main story.

Tekken 7 will be released on June 2 for the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC, but is playable in arcades now. There are a number of special editions for the game, all of which comes with Eliza as a pre-order bonus.

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