Tekken 7: Devs Considering Extra Revenge Rematch In Ranked Mode, More Game Improvements Soon

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Tekken 7 producer Katsuhiro Harada confirmed on Twitter that they’re considering to add an “infinite Revenge Match” feature in ranked matches. New updates and fixes for the game are also coming soon, he said. Here’s what we know about Tekken 7’s upcoming online improvements.

Infinite Revenge Match For Ranked

Tekken 7 aptly calls its rematch option as “revenge match”. Here, players get a rematch with the same characters. Fans are requesting to improve revenge matches in ranked mode as it’s only limited to one rematch before being sent back to the menus. Harada simply said they’ll consider adding this, but gave no guarantees.

As of the moment, ranked matches doesn’t always lead to a unanimous victory. With just one rematch, there’s a high chance ranked matches end up at 1-1, thus leaving nobody with an advantage. Adding an additional or infinite revenge match feature will be able to solve the competitive itch between players.

Upsides and Downsides

As known Tekken player Avoiding the Puddle puts it, an infinite Revenge match in ranked gives an authentic feel of a competitive Tekken 7 arcade setting. If players are in the range of each other’s ranks, they’d keep fighting until a player outranks their enemy enough that they can’t get any rank points from them anymore. The practice sounds brutal and repetitive but it does help players train themselves on PvP match knowledge that Ghost matches can never satisfy.

On the other side, infinite rematches in ranked mode could also give way to rank boosting. Players would pair up in ranked only for the other to intentionally lose as fast as they can to boost up another player’s rank. Fake Tekken God Primes in Ranked Mode might show up as they could have the top title but no skill to back it up. The Tekken 7 team really needs to develop this new system that’ll appeal to their regulars but also prevent cheaters from abusing it.

Updates and Fixes

Harada also mentions some updates and fixes for the game, but didn’t specify what they are. A release date for these updates weren’t also mentioned in the tweet. For now, we’ll just have to wait until the developers roll out this new update soon. Previously, the team has tried fixing Tekken 7’s matchmaking issues. Stay updated with more Tekken 7 news here on The Bitbag.

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