Tekken 7 Release Date For 2016 False? Bandai Retracts Claims?

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Gamers have long been anticipating the Tekken 7 release date as the game has yet to release on the current generation of consoles. Fans of the series can now remain hopeful that they won?t have to wait for several years to get their hands on the latest game after several gaming sites announced a release window.

Tekken 7 Release Date Set Next Year

Rumors are now heavily pointing at a 2016 release of the game after a head from Bandai as well as a Spanish magazine announced that gamers can play the game next year. Bandai Namco Marketing Manager David Fraile made the announcement in a YouTube video, Attack of The Fanboy reported.

Meanwhile, several?gaming websites has picked-up the news from Spanish website Koi Nya that the game will release in 2016. Here is the google translated report of Koi Nya: ?David Fraile, marketing manager of Namco Bandai Entertainment Spain, announced in a video of the Madrid Games Week 2016 arrival of Tekken 7. The title fight will be available for consoles.?

Bandai Retracts Claims?

Spanish site Koi Nya has now updated their story after Bandai?s Fraile contacted them to clarify his statement. Fraile clarified that they are working hard to bring the game to the west and are currently trying to bring the arcade version of the game in Spain. Koi Nya didn?t clarify if Fraile retracted his statement that his 2016 announcement was for consoles or if it is for the arcade version. Here is a rough translation of Fraile?s clarified statement:

?It is true that we are planning various activities around the Tekken license. However, I want to clarify my comments made during MGW: Tekken is one of the largest license of NAMCO BANDAI and obviously we are working on bringing content related license to the West. At the moment, we are trying to bring the arcade version of Tekken 7 in Madrid, Barcelona, and other Spanish cities.?

Did Fraile meant that the company is targeting for a 2016 console release?? Bandai Namco has been aggressive in promoting their new fighters earlier this year such as the eskrima fighter from the Philippines, Josie Rizal, and the Saudi Arabian fighter named Shaheen. Many thought that these numerous announcements from Bandai foreshadowed?that the release for consoles was at hand.

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