Tekken 7 Release Date, Cross Platform Play, And Collector’s Edition Hinted By Bandai Namco

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Tekken 7

Fans are eagerly waiting to hear a Tekken 7 release date announcement, and Bandai Namco has started hinting at different aspects of their upcoming fighting game. Followed by the confirmation about the game?s availability on PC, Xbox One and PS4, Tekken series creator Katsuhiro Harada, during an interview last week, revealed that the they are considering cross-platform play on all the three major platforms. Most recently, Harada also hinted at a Collector?s Edition.

During E3 2016, Bandai Namco confirmed Tekken 7 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The developer also told GameSpot that cross-platform play is possible in the upcoming game and that implementing such is easy for the team. According to Harada, this is not a big challenge his team. The developers already has ideas on how to implement this, but they are working on solving some issues to make this happen. The studio wants to make sure the gameplay remains balanced and fair for both PC and console players when it comes to cross-platform play.

Tekken 7 is one of the highly anticipated games which is already available as a limited arcade release in Japan since February 2015. Console versions of the game will be released in early 2017 worldwide.

Fans have started speculating on a Collector?s Edition, and Harada didn?t disappoint fans when he was asked about it on Twitter. Harada was asked by a fan if the new Tekken game will have a Collector?s Edition featuring a statue of either Heihachi, Kazuya or Jin. ?Team will consider,? replied Harada.

The upcoming fighting game will be the ninth installment in the series. It will run on Unreal Engine. This will be the first time that a game from the series is using the new game engine, so we can expect improved performance and rich visuals from the upcoming title. For more news on the Tekken 7 release date, stay tuned to The Bitbag.

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