Tekken 7: All Rage Arts So Far

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The Rage Arts in Tekken 7 are insane. [Image from Bandai Namco]

After years of waiting, Tekken 7 finally comes to PS4 and Xbox One next month on June 2. Most of the roster has been revealed already, so it’s only natural to reveal each of their Rage Arts. These are fairly new to the Tekken series, so fan reaction to them should be interesting to see.

Maximilian Dood was able to record all of the Rage Arts and revealed some interesting tidbits regarding the moves. While they can only be used once per match, they give the player a huge advantage for comeback attacks. They aren’t one-hit kills though, dealing about 30% or more damage, but sometimes that’s enough to stay ahead and win.

Tekken With Style

Judging from the moves seen, Tekken 7 could be the most stylish installment in the series, thanks to these attacks. Some of them are very creative, while others use the character’s signature moves in a more impactful way. Paul Phoenix gives Saitama a run for his money, with his signature KO Punch and Devil Jin’s lasers are spectacular.

Other fun Rage Arts belong to Lee, Eddy Gordo and Yoshimitsu to name a few, so experimentation is a must. Admittedly, there are a few dull ones that look like basic combos, so that’s a wee bit disappointing for fans. Devil Jin might have a wicked finisher, but regular Jin Kazama has a pretty standard one that doesn’t stand out.

More To Come

With DLC characters confirmed for Tekken 7, we can expect even more over-the-top Rage Arts to entertain fans soon. One main concern is that some of them will be overpowered, so Bandai Namco will have to update it daily. Here is hoping that it won’t come to that, since fans have wanted this game for a long time.

Most of the DLC characters are unknown, aside from pre-order character Eliza, whose Rage Art isn’t in the video. Expect it to be shown soon, or when the game comes out early next month on June 2. As for upcoming DLC fighters, it’s not yet clear when they will be available, so fans will have to wait.

Tekken 7 is slated for a June 2 release on the PS4 and Xbox One, with a season pass that grants players access to all upcoming DLC. Curious players can try the game out on arcades right now, where it continues to be popular amongst hardcore fans of the series.

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