Tekken 7 PS4 And Xbox One: Release Date Reveal This Week As More Gameplay Videos Surface Online?

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Bandai Namco Entertainment has released their schedule for Tokyo Game Show 2016 and Tekken 7 will be presented there. Seeing how the new fighters fare against established characters is not the only exciting thing, but there are chances that the company will reveal the release date for the game. Recently, videos showcasing Tekken 7 gameplay appeared on the internet, especially the story mode.

Bandai Namco will host a main stage presentation for Tekken 7. It means that big announcements are coming. Will Bandai Namco only show off some gameplay footages for the consoles? Or they will reveal the exact launch date for the game? The arcade game is already available in arcades since March 2015, but hasn?t seen a console launch.

The game developer confirmed that it will be available on both the Xbox One and PS4 in early 2017, but there?s no concrete information available yet about the exact Tekken 7 Ps4 and Xbox One release date.

Regarding the latest PS4 gameplay video, Bandai Namco said that players may have seen this footage during the company?s E3 2016 showcase. The exciting thing is that the new footage released by the company is from the PS4 and fans can see how the match plays out from start to end.


Another thing that makes the main stage event more appealing is the presentation?s title ?Greatest vs Greatest?. ?Tekken 7 Special Stage Greatest vs Greatest? doesn?t actually reveal anything about what?s coming at Tokyo Game Show 2016, but there might be a big announcement as producer Katshiro harada will grace the stage.

The final game is expected to arrive on the consoles sometime in early 2017. We hope that Bandai Namco will reveal the release date during the presentation which will start from 10:30 to 11:10 local time on September 18.

Those interested in seeing how Tekken 7 looks like on PS4 can watch the video below by Polygon?to learn about the gameplay experience they will eventually get in next year.

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