Tekken 7 PS4 Update Fixes Matchmaking Issues This Week, Xbox One And PC Patch Next Week

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Tekken 7 PC Version Release Details Revealed
The Title Art For Tekken 7 [Image Courtesy Of Bandai Namco Entertainment]

Bandai Namco Entertainment recently released the latest mainline entry for Tekken and fans worldwide are currently enjoying what the fighting game has to offer. The game isn’t without it’s problems though as players found out the hard way that the servers are still a bit problematic. The developer is looking to sort out the issue though with a new Tekken 7 update out later this week.

In a post on the Tekken website, the developer notes that the team behind the game is hard-pressed on making improvements to Tekken 7. By this, the developer is probably talking about making improvements to the game’s server issues and there will be a few patches in the next days, says the post.


Bandai will roll out a patch will for the PC version of the game today, June 7. This update is focused on improving security and to update Denuvo. The patch will likely ensure that the game won’t get cracked and pirated easily. What’s good though is that this PC security update was made alongside the patch fixing the game’s servers, so players won’t have to wait long before the other update’s release.

Online Fixes

Before the week ends, the developer is looking to address online stability issues including those for matchmaking and other bugs. Bandai Namco Entertainment has yet to detail what they’ll do with the issue that’s been bugging online matches for quite a while but we do know that the PlayStation 4 version will be the first to receive the update.

The PlayStation 4 version on the game is currently the version most affected by the issue as players are reporting connectivity issues left and right. “The connection to the opponent has been lost” prompt often appears when players send and accept match requests. Even ranked matches aren’t safe from this issue. If players want to get into online matches without any hitch, they’ll have to do so in Tournament matches online.

PC and Xbox One players shouldn’t feel left out though as they’ll be getting the same changes sometime next week. For now, players on the PC and Xbox One will have to stay a little patient while Bandai Namco Entertainment is working on the patch.

As for the PlayStation 4 version’s update, we can expect it at around Friday or Saturday. Hopefully, the upcoming patch fixes all the issues in the servers.

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