Tekken 7 Power Crush Guide: Tips And Tricks To Effectively Use The New Move

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Source: TEKKEN 7 Game Guide – Power Crush video

The Tekken team has introduced the Power Crush and other universal systems in Tekken 7. This new move allows players to muscle through certain attacks to land a devastating blow. Here are some tips to use use this move right to defeat your foes with vigor.

Power Crush Properties

The official Bandai Namco Youtube channel posted a video that talks about the Tekken 7 Power Crush move. Power Crush are attacks that cannot be interrupted with a high or mid attack. The character that used Power Crush will just absorb the damage and land the attack that often leaves the enemy vulnerable for a follow-up combo. Learning to use this move will give an edge especially against players who keep extending attacks without much thought.

However, the move does have its weaknesses as it can’t fight through lows and throws. If an enemy starts spamming Power Crushes against you, landing a sweep, grab, or a block can help them stop. Power Crushes are strong moves but they aren’t easy problem solvers in Tekken 7.

When To Use

Power Crushes are best to use against players that get careless with their attacks. Power Crushes power through High and Mid attacks, which are usually punches or kicks that hit around the torso and up the head. Each character has a different style of attack but they all boil down to these properties.

However, don’t rely on Power Crushes for your usual approaches or defensive moves. These moves are slower than usual and will make your play sluggish. Enemies will adapt and punish accordingly once they feel you’re using these moves too much. Keep Power Crush use in moderation.

What To Do After

As seen in the video, characters hit with a Power Crush would slowly crumple to the floor or fly off a short distance away from their opponent. The new move’s damage is strong in itself but it shines best as a combo starter. Don’t be afraid to land a combo or a few hits in if you don’t know any to make the best of the Power Crush. Bandai Namco suggests using a Rage Art to follow up as it’s enough time to land the super move against your vulnerable opponent. Combining the devastating damage of a Power Crush and Rage Art can even give players a clutch victory if used well.

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