Tekken 7: Pokken Tournament Influence Will Render Your Old Strategy Ineffective

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Tekken 7

Tekken 7 Director Katsuhiro Harada has discussed in an interview how Pokken Tournament?s influenced the development of their upcoming game on consoles. So far, Harada has discussed that one of their notable features in Pokken Tournament is putting a blocking animation. Due to this, Tekken 7 Fated Retribution may provide clearer advances for characters going all-in offensive or those that defensively deny you of breathing space.

According to the interview from Siliconera, Pokken Tournament players would take advantage of the game?s ambiguous guard. While they are holding up their guard with the barrier surrounding the Pokemon, the players could actually be setting up for a quick hit or reversal against their foe. This ambiguity of guarding could both protect a player?s advances for a close-range combo or positional advantage and reduce the risk of getting blown up during their advance.

In most fighting games, ambiguous advances are often tools to approach an enemy. Players use ambiguous advances with careful step-ins, dashes, and fake outs, with the intent to bait and block the retaliatory strike from enemies. Having minimalist blocking animations helps players pull off this deceiving strategy easily and force players to commit a mistake.

This trick is actually an advanced one as it confuses and discourages your foe from meeting your dashes with an attack because you?ll be able to block it as soon as you step in. Only a particularly correct guess and reaction will beat this trick as most players are already thinking of the ways that you?ll react and have tools in hand to deal with that situation. In a way, offensive turtling beats defensive turtling as most new players focus on blocking every attack when defending frantically due to enemy pressure. Strong offensive pressure denies the foe a chance to play.

Ambiguous movement in Tekken 7 Fated Retribution may fully discourage new players in picking up the game as most veterans and average fighting game players have a predatory, tough love mindset of ?denying the enemy a chance to play? with their own moves. As seen in the game?s Rage Attack reveals and other trailers, the visual effects on hits and Rage Mode movement may give away the enemy?s intention, so players shouldn?t worry about ambiguous movement. However, the fighting game community is inherently crafty, so be sure to keep your guard up because players might have found a substitute for this mindgame tool in Tekken 7.

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