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Tekken 7 NJPW DLC: Wrestling Collaboration Brings Rage Art Moves And Costumes

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The Tekken 7: Fated Retribution arcade game has once again collaborated with another franchise. Tekken and wrestling sounds like a good combination for the game if you ask us.

New Japan Pro Wrestling Rage Art Moves

Bandai?has teamed up with ?New Japan Pro-Wrestling? to give players new content inspired by the Japanese pro-wrestling idol Kazuchika Okada aka “Rainmaker.”

As posted on the official?Tekken website, Okada?s ?Rainmaker? outfit will be the basis of the design for the new costume for King in this collaboration. While King is in this costume, his attack called ?King?s Rage Art? will be changed to ?Rainmaker?s Rain of Money?. ?The latter is the signature move of the wrestler in which the game paid homage to.

The collaborative project will be available from January 23 up to February 22, 2017. There has been modifications on King’s moves. His new skills replicate the signature moves of the Japanese wrestler. You can watch the?trailer video here.

Costumes And Items

Players can also unlock collaborative t-shirt designs. The two costumes can be yours if you play the game certain number of times. Players can also purchase the in-game ?New Japan Pro-Wrestling x Heihachi? and ?Bullet Club? t-shirts by the end of January.

In addition to the abovementioned items is an inclusion of collaboration 2D items up for grabs. The ?King X Okada Kazuchika? and ?New Japan Pro-Wrestling? designs will later be launched around springtime.

This game contains graphic updates as well as new systems, stages, characters and many more. The game will also be the basis for?the upcoming Tekken 7?for PS4 and Xbox One.

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Tekken has truly had a wide array of playable platform since it started, and it is still going strong in their arcade aspect. The upcoming ?game?would probably garner the same attention as the early games in the franchise, and possibly even more.

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