Tekken 7 Nintendo Switch Release Considered By Producer?

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Tekken 7

It’s likely that a Nintendo Switch?Tekken 7 release will come. In an interview, game producer Katsuhiro Harada left a cryptic message for fans. As Harada was asked whether the game will be available on Nintendo Switch or not, he said that the company was ?quite surprised? with the new console. The game is already available in Japan as an arcade game and is scheduled for early 2017 on consoles and PC. There are chances that the company might bring the game to Switch as well.

As far as the Tekken 7 release is concerned, the game will arrive at the same time on all the major platforms. Since Nintendo has confirmed the Nintendo Switch release in March, fans have been speculating?when the fighting game will become available?on the new console. If the studio considers this release,?Nintendo Switch will have a strong lineup of games.?

Harada on Nintendo Switch

As Bandai Namco has been silent on the game?s release, GameSpot asked the exact question in an interview. When Harada was asked whether the company is planning a Tekken 7 Nintendo Switch release or not, Harada said, ?We’re quite surprised by the Nintendo Switch announcement; read into that what you like.? Harada was also asked whether they are considering support for PS4 Pro and Xbox One Slim, but he said that the two consoles are quite new, so it is hard to comment.

For Tekken 7, Harada also said that Akuma in the game will be a part of the new story than just being a simple guest character. Bringing more guest characters to the game would be interesting, but the studio is currently not focusing on it, he added.

Speaking about the gameplay, Harada said that Tekken 7 is not just another standard battle game. Whatever the players will see in the cinematics will be seen in the in-game scenes and they can be performed in-game as well.

Neither Nintendo Switch nor Tekken 7 has a specific release date, but as their releases are scheduled for Q1 2017, fans expect to see the game on the new console.?

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