Tekken 7 Mini-Games: Fan Favorite Modes Bandai Should Bring Back

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Tekken 7 will be hitting the stores this ?early 2017. Aside from the improvements made on its one-on-one combat mode, players also want to see some of the previous mini-games return in the upcoming title. So, here are some of them that Bandai Namco should really consider bringing back.

The upcoming title is one of the most anticipated games this year. Its franchise has been successful for over two decades now. And, players are definitely looking forward to the new features of the game. But, it is not just the new stuff that excites the fans, because even the old ones can still thrill them.

Tekken Force

The Tekken Force game mode first made an appearance in Tekken 3. This 3D side scrolling brawler lets players?choose a character and all the character’s move-sets are fully usable. Players must fight against many Tekken Force members and at the end of each level is a boss fight against one of the main Tekken characters.

Tekken Ball

It is similar to volleyball, but instead of keeping the ball in the air, you will use it to hurt the opponent. Just like Tekken Force, it was first introduced in Tekken 3. The interesting part of this game is using Gon as your character. At full strength of this character, the ball will move very fast and will even catch on fire that will burn the player it hits.

Tekken Bowl

This mini-game first made an appearance in Tekken Tag Team and is basically about bowling. A player chooses a tag team of two characters and bowls with them. The first tag team member will go first, but if they do not get a strike, the second tag team member will try to knock the remaining pins down to get a spare.

These are just some of the mini-games that might return in Tekken 7. Although Bandai Namco has not disclosed any details yet about the side games of the title, it is certainly going to be interesting as it will also sport support for the PlayStation VR.

The VR features are not just for the one-on-one combat. In December 2015, game designer Michael Murray told Wired that their implementation of VR for the game isn’t what most players are expecting.?

“Oh Tekken is a head to head game, and it’s going to be in VR so you’ll just punch each other like Punch Out or something. I think that’s where the misconception comes in. We’re not going to do that. It doesn’t lend itself to a fighting game well, so we want to find something that isn’t that but still pleases fans.”

With this in mind, it’s possible that Bandai is planning to include some VR mini-games. Tekken Bowl would probably be a great mini-game for the PlayStation VR.

How about you? What other mini games do you want to be included in Tekken 7? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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