Tekken 7 Juggle Combo Guide: Launchers, Enders, And Everything You Need To Know

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Tekken 7
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Much like the previous titles in the series, juggling opponents in mid-air is important in Tekken 7. However, the juggling systems have changed in Tekken 7, which encourages older players to adapt and new players to avoid following advice from previous entries. Here’s our Tekken 7 juggle combo guide.

Tekken Juggling

In the Tekken series, juggling opponents has been the bread and butter of every competent player in the title. Juggles happen when a character keeps connecting attacks on an airborne enemy. Characters, save for their boss versions, can’t block or retaliate when juggled which makes it a strong tool.

While attacks deal weaker damage when juggling enemies, nailing the right combo can shave off half of the enemy’s health bar. The feat may look stylish and needless but it actually maximizes a character’s damage output in matches.

Players are encouraged to make one run through their character’s move list in training mode to juggle effectively. Getting familiar with your tools are crucial to juggling as each combination could be handy as you learn Tekken 7 more.

Starting Your Juggles

All Tekken characters have “launcher” moves to start a juggle. Launchers send enemies flying upward and make them vulnerable for a juggle. For starters, landing a three-hit combo on an airborne enemy should be enough for your first juggle. Each hit somehow keeps your enemy in the air as this is just how most fighting game systems work.

Some advanced juggle starters don’t necessarily start from launchers but from hitting enemies that crumple slowly to the floor. Hitting enemies in their “crumple” animation will pop up them up in the air, similar to a combo after a launcher. Any character that falls and flies can and will be juggled in Tekken 7.

Fillers and Enders

Once you know how to start juggles, you’ll have to build your juggle combo with fillers and enders. Fillers are the meat of your combo and should be filled with as many hits before your opponent lands on the floor. Don’t be afraid to add single jabs and cut combination attacks to find a good extension for your fillers. More hits for your fillers are recommended but make sure to give enough space for your enders.

As the name implies, enders are used to “end” air juggle combos. Mostly, enders are added to air juggles to send the enemy flying away from you. The distance advantage from the ender will remove any chance for your enemy to retaliate immediately.

Spin State

New to Tekken 7 are moves that can cause your enemies to fly away in a “spin state”. Spin state moves, officially called “Screw” moves, have a red icon in your move list. Animation-wise, spin state moves are usually in the form of roundhouse kicks, spinning back fists, and any other attack that looks like they’ll make your enemy do a savage spin in mid-air.

Spin states extend air juggles longer. In this state, the enemy is still vulnerable as they fly and land on the floor. Spin states could be placed in the middle of your juggle fillers and juggle enders to extend the combo longer. Once the opponent lands during a spin state, run up to do a follow up juggle ender or even a Rage Art to finish your combo. Understanding fillers, enders, and screws in Tekken 7 will allow you to grasp the deeper systems and high-level play in this title.

Don’t Force It Too Much

A rookie mistake in Tekken is forcing your launchers and juggle setups too much. Repeatedly trying to pop up your enemy in the air will encourage them to block the launcher or punish it with an attack of their own. Try not to use your launchers too much especially when you’re having fun on executing air juggles in Tekken 7. To fix this problem, mix your attacks up with a generic three hit combos, one-two jabs or high-low combinations to pressure your enemy. At best, use your launchers and juggle starters in openings to punish your opponent’s attacks. Just don’t be predictable.

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