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Tekken 7 Has Less Input Lag Than Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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Tekken 7 input lag
Source: Tekken 7 – Bob Reveal Trailer | XB1, PS4, PC video

A professional Tekken player was able to confirm that Tekken 7’s input lag is better (less) than the previous title, Tekken Tag Tournament 2. This means each button input will become more responsive than before. However, director Katsuhiro Harada has previously explained that there’s more to Tekken 7 than gauging its input lag.

Better Input Lag

According to Tekken Kane’s Twitter post, he has confirmed that Tekken 7 has lower input lag than Tekken Tag Tournament 2. However, he didn’t mention the exact input lag that Tekken 7 has. PS360Frame’s video confirms that the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has seven frames of input lag. Since Kane said Tekken 7 has significantly less input lag, the upcoming Tekken entry might have halved the numbers.

What’s Input Lag

Simply put, input lag is the speed that your character reacts to each button press. Lower input lag means more responsive characters, which translate to a more responsive and faster fighting game. Seasoned fighting game fans often use this measure to determine a fighting game’s pace.

In fighting games, split second reactions count. Players use all their knowledge, ranging from character combos to in-game systems, from the title and use it to their advantage. Input lag becomes relevant once players want to grasp combo timings or time their own moves to punish the enemies. However, input lag doesn’t mean much to casual players who simply want to enjoy the game.  

Just  a Part Of The Whole

In a Gamespot interview last year, Harada rebuked fan talks about input lag. Harada explains that input lag is part of larger system of many fighting games and works differently on each title. The director thinks that players are too affected with a fighting game’s systems too much, hence the interest. “If Tekken’s gameplay feels good, is there a good point in asking this question?” says Harada in the interview.

Tekken’s director definitely made good points but he didn’t say Tekken 7’s input lag frames. Input lag can decide if the fighting game feels responsive and not sluggish during the matches. However, Harada is right that each fighting game works differently and shouldn’t just base its worth from its input lag. For now, players aiming to buy Tekken 7 should only ask if they like it and refrain from sweating over the system details too much.

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