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Tekken 7 ESRB Rating Reveals Peeping Tom, Nudity Ruled Out

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Tekken 7
Source: Tekken 7 Eddy Gordo Character Reveal Trailer video

The official Tekken 7 ESRB page lists some peeping scenes in the upcoming PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases. One mentioned scene is a man peeping at a woman in the showers, but no nudity was shown. Potentially, these scenes might be found on one of its character’s Arcade mode endings.

No Nudity

The Tekken 7 page on the Entertainment Software Rating Board’s site has confirmed a “male character peeking at a woman as she showers.” This scene might be an Arcade Mode ending for one of its characters. The Tekken series has had no shortage of playful male characters and voluptuous female characters. 

However, this mention may only be to inform about the game’s fan service or humorous content more than anything actually sexual. Even though nothing sexual happens in the Tekken series, most of the women character designs often bares their skin or cleavage.

Other Mentions

More than the peeping Tom scene, the ESRB entry also includes a mention of “pizza, laxatives, gurgling noises, and two characters scrambling to reach a bathroom.” This scene talks about Tekken 6’s ending for Martial Law where he feeds laxative-laced pizza to Paul and Steve after winning the tournament. He intends to run away with all prize money in a comical fashion in this ending. Potentially, we might see a similar ending in Tekken 7 if this is the case. Due to the shower scene and Law’s ending mention, the Tekken 7 ESRB posting now has a humorous summary than most games.

Tekken Endings

At best, the Tekken series allows to have a quick preview of a character’s actions should they win the King of Iron Fist tournament. Only one ending is considered true and is decided in the next game. At the end of Tekken 5, Jin Kazama wins the tournament and inherits the Mishima Zaibatsu from Jinpachi Mishima.

Jin’s ending in Tekken 5 is considered canon as he and his father Kazuya, who owns another large company named G Corporation, have repeatedly used their wealth to kill each other. Potentially, Tekken 7 may follow this kind of “One Canon Ending” storytelling again for their next entry.

Tekken 7 so far

More than its story, the fans care more about the fighters and matches to be had in this entry. New characters like Claudio, Katarina, Kazumi, Eliza and even a guest Street Fighter character, Akuma, can be played in this upcoming console release. Tekken 7 will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this coming June 2. Stay updated with more Tekken 7 news here on The BitBag.

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