Tekken 7 DLC: Unique Game Mode Predictions

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tekken 7 dlc
What is the Unique Game Mode? [Image from Bandai Namco]

There’s plenty of Tekken 7 DLC coming out, but there is one that has piqued a lot of fan interest. Apparently, those that purchase the season pass of Tekken 7 will gain access to a “Unique Game Mode.” Not much has been said about it since, so fans will have to wait till June 2 to find out.

One thing we can confirm is that the mode will not be the beloved Tekken Force mode from Tekken 3. During a Q&A with IGN UK, the developers confirmed that we wouldn’t see the mode return in this game. However, the Story mode will apparently have some Tekken Force-esque moments, similar to the campaign seen in Tekken 6.

Bowling? Volleyball? Other Wacky Sports?

Despite the melodrama of the Mishima story, Tekken has never taken itself too seriously, adding giant fighting bears for comedy. The mysterious Tekken 7 DLC could do the same, installing a quirky sports mode similar to previous entries before. While this hasn’t been confirmed, it hasn’t been denied either and mini-games have been confirmed for the title before.

Volleyball was quite fun in Tekken 3, since players literally had to combo the ball to attack the opponent. It wasn’t a straight up volleyball game with scantily clad women like the infamous Dead or Alive spinoffs that came out. Bowling was also present before, though it wasn’t as creative or funny as the aforementioned Volleyball mode in Tekken 3.

Something New

Considering the amount of modes that the series has had, it’s hard to guess what this Tekken 7 DLC is. For all we know, we could see a brand new mode that has never appeared in a fighting game before. Only time will tell, unless Bandai Namco reveals it days before the game comes out so that might be possible.

Injustice 2 has a marvelous Multiverse mode that has gained plenty of praise from fighting game fans around the world. While it’s doubtful that we will see a similar mode, adding more content for single-player isn’t a bad idea. The game will feature Story and Arcade mode, making it better than Street Fighter 5 by a large margin.

Tekken 7 is slated for a June 2 release on the Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with some pre-order DLC. Aside from two extra guest characters, there will also be a “Unique Game Mode,” so that’s interesting. The first guest character will launch in Winter 2017, while the second one becomes available in Spring 2018. The “Unique Game Mode” will roll out in Summer 2017, along with 50 new costumes. Players will also be able to buy a season pass to get all of the upcoming content.

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