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Tekken 7 DLC Content Revealed In Datamine; Tekken Bowl, Meter-Style Guest Characters, Swimsuits, And More

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Tekken 7 DLC
Source: TEKKEN 7 – Character Trailer | PS4, Xbox One, PC video

Tekken 7 PC dataminers have discovered hidden content in the game’s files. New meter-type guest characters, extra costumes, and a new mode have been found via datamining. Possibly, these are the paid post-release content included in the season pass. Here’s what we know about the upcoming Tekken 7 DLC.

Datamined DLC Details

As posted on the Zetaboards forum, datamined files pertaining to Tekken 7’s DLC were discovered. Here’s their summary of the findings courtesy of Reddit:

  • Both (Two) DLC characters have some placeholder files in the game
  • The first character has some sort of meter system like Eliza and Akuma (SF guest again?)
  • Swimsuits, Idolmaster cosplay, and school uniforms will be DLC (despite all already being in the arcade version)
  • Tekken Bowl is the $10 DLC game mode
  • All of the PS4’s exclusive content is still in the data, hinting at either timed exclusivity or eventual DLC

So far, Bandai Namco has yet to announce any information about the contents included in the game’s season pass. Players with the Season Pass shouldn’t worry about this content unless they want more playable modes and characters.

New Meter Character and Another Fighter

So far, only two characters in the roster have a resource meter, namely the Day One DLC character, Eliza, and the Street Fighter guest character, Akuma. The meter must at least be filled up with one bar to use special moves and other unique tricks for their character. Tekken has never made a character with special move meter up until these two characters in Tekken 7. So far, no information is known about this new meter style character.

So far, there’s only speculations on the second guest character. The other character could be from NieR Automata as the official NieR Twitter tweeted about 2B’s chances of winning the King of Iron Fist tournament. Previously, NieR Automata director Yoko Taro confirmed that he’ll develop anything with the NieR and Drakengard series as long as he’s funded for it

Tekken 7 Producer Katsuhiro Harada has previously said that they’re not going to include older Tekken characters as paid Tekken 7 DLC. The post-release characters will only come from other known video game licenses.

Tekken Bowl Mode

The Tekken series has had a wealth of side mini-games. Tekken Bowl was introduced in the first Tekken Tag Tournament where two teams engage in a bowling match. It’s still unknown if Bandai Namco will have substantial improvements for this game mode in Tekken 7.

DLC Roadmap

Those with the game’s season pass are entitled to receive all post-launch content, such as the datamined DLCs. The first batch of DLCs will arrive sometime this Summer, which presumably includes Tekken Bowl and the swimsuit costumes. The next paid content will be in Winter 2017 and Spring 2018, each one adding a new guest character.

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