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Tekken 7 Producer Confirms Character Customization Update

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Tekken 7
Source: TEKKEN 7 – Story Trailer | PS4, X1, Steam video

Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada announced that there will be an update to Tekken 7’s customization system soon. The director didn’t talk about specifics, but it’ll surely please many as fans find the current customization system lacking compared to previous entries.

According to Harada’s official Twitter, he’ll collect more opinions about the customization system and push out the update soon. No details or release dates were mentioned in his tweet. At best, players can look forward to a character customization update to go live alongside Tekken 7’s paid DLC updates.

So far, Tekken 7’s character customization system does have a wide selection, but feels limited and a step back from previous entries. Tekken’s modifiable hairstyles don’t have much variety in this entry. Additionally, the color customizations in these games are limited to presets and not gradient grids. Many Tekken 7 players are generally dissatisfied with the customization options in this title, as seen on Reddit.

On the other hand, the Tekken team made a great system to reward all cosmetic options if they play regularly. Players will need to take part in 2000 matches to unlock every cosmetic option. Active Tekken 7 fans will be rewarded with all the cosmetic options, even if they aren’t great in this title.

For now, Tekken 7 fans will still have to wait an unknown amount of time before this next character customization update is released. The Tekken 7 season pass has already been announced but we only have a release window. Fans were just surprised with the Tekken Bowl game mode announcement as it came out without much fanfare.

Tekken 7 has also yet to receive its major patch. Waiting patiently is all we can do at the moment to see the Tekken team’s plan to improve the customization system.

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