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Tekken 7 Cross-Play: Game Designer Says Feature Will Depend on Sony

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When Microsoft announced that the Xbox One can now be integrated on the cross-platform play, gamers were torn on what to feel about the feature, though let?s face it; at least most of them loved the new feature. Now, questions about Sony?s PS4 console ability to be integrated the same way remains unanswered. Recently, game developer Bandai Namco revealed that it is not up to them whether Tekken 7 Cross-Play will ever on the feature.

In a post written by Tekken 7 game designer Michael Murray, he said ?Please ask Sony. MS already publicly said they’re interested in cross platform.? Of course, this is not totally taking Sony out of the concept as it also has its own version of cross-play; only on the PC version of some of their games.

While Microsoft has recently welcomed the idea of cross-play for the Xbox One console, Sony hasn?t been agreeable on that note for the PS4 console. But who knows, when the demand increases and the need to finally integrate becomes the game changer for both consoles.

The cross-play feature promotes the increase of online communities wherein, players have more options and choice when it comes to multiplayer gaming. Instead of confining their resources to those with the same console as their, the cross-play feature will readily allow them to expand more and find gamers outside of their supposed limits.

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Rocket League has been the first game that ever stepped on the cross-play of the Xbox One. Now, more game developers are hoping to ride the same track with Sony. CD Projekt Red has since expressed their willingness to include GWENT on the cross-play feature.

Tekken 7 has been one of the most discussed titles to grace the Sony cross-play feature (if they ever decide to) and this is to apparently make it in time for Tekken 7?s launching in 2017. The game is expected to arrive on the three consoles next year mainly PS4, PC and the Xbox One.

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