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Tekken 7: Completing 2000 Matches Unlocks All Customization Items And Gallery Content [Rumor]

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Tekken 7
Source: TEKKEN 7 – Story Trailer | PS4, X1, Steam video

Tekken 7 fans have discovered that playing 2000 matches will give you a special reward. Apparently, reaching a certain number of fights will unlock all customization items and gallery content. Here’s what we know about this Tekken 7 reward system.

2000 Matches

According to rikimtasu’s thread on the Tekken subreddit, players can get all the cosmetics and gallery items if they play 2000 matches of Tekken 7. Once the quota is achieved, the game sends out a notification that says: “Having played the required number of battles, you can now access all content.”

The “all content” statement sounds vague as Tekken 7 also has a paid game mode and DLC characters along the line. So far, the only unlockable items are cosmetic equipment for each character, profile customization items, gallery movies, and artworks. Meanwhile, Day One buyers get the DLC character, Eliza.

Freely unlockable paid DLCs  are unlikely as it sounds like an unhealthy business plan and could drain weeks from players to reach 2000 matches. However, this special reward does solve the hunt for the best equipment for active players.

Cosmetic Items

Tekken 7’s cosmetic items can be unlocked through in-game money purchases or obtaining them from Treasure Battle chests. Earning in-game money isn’t a problem as the game is extremely generous with giving out thousands of them as a chest reward. Those who rack up wins in treasure mode can easily earn over 100000 fight money per match with the successive win bonus. Tournament matches also rewards the winner with more than a million-worth of money. With just a few hours of play, players could easily purchase their desired cosmetic items.

However, chests are the only means to obtain some cosmetic items. Additionally, some cosmetics only appear in the customization screen once unlocked. If not playing against other players, Treasure Battle is the way to go as players can unlock customization options through its chest rewards. 

Gallery Items

So far, Tekken 7 has collected a large library of nostalgic content for its fans. The Gallery has opening and character ending videos starting from the first Tekken game until Tekken 7, including the two Tekken Tag Tournament spinoffs. Each Tekken entry gallery also has Artworks related to the game. Tekken 7 definitely has many content for the fans if they’ve collected enough fight money.

2000 Matches Reward

However, fans are still verifying if rikimtasu’s post is true. It’s impossible to reach 2000 matches in Tekken 7 at a low rank as ranking up is easy to do in Treasure Battles. PC versions of most games can easily be hacked as it is more equipped for other applications than consoles. Unless rikimtasu shares his method to reach 2000 matches this fast, take this special reward bonus with a grain of salt. Stay updated with more Tekken 7 news here on The Bitbag.

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