Tekken 7: All Character Frame Data To Be Released Soon, Says Dataminer

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Tekken 7
Source: TEKKEN 7 Game Guide – Rage Art video

A known dataminer said that he’s currently collecting all the character frame data in Tekken 7. Studying frame data is necessary to know your character’s attack advantages and disadvantages in any fighting game.

Frame Data Collection

As seen on the official Tekken subreddit, Reddit user Dantarion posted a screenshot of Tekken 7 with a debug tool on. The screen shows many data values and character hitboxes which are unintelligible to the casual player. However, Tekken 7 fans are excited as they can finally study these frame data intimately and step up their competitive play. Frame data is a blanket term for experienced fighting game players to discuss character attacks and moves to its basest specifics. Previously, Dantarion has done the same for Capcom’s Street Fighter 5, according to Shoryuken. As the frame data is still being collected, fans will have to wait for him to post his findings on the subreddit for everybody to use.

History of Weird Frame Data

Previously, Tekken 7’s Gigas’ hitbox and hurtboxes have become a silly sight to its fans, according to Shoryuken. Sometimes, many of Gigas’ moves have unusual hitboxes that would whiff on key clashes against other fighters. Studying frame data allows players to know their character’s limits to avoid awkward sights like this.

However, Gigas’ frame data case could just be a lack of polish or oversight for the character from the developer’s side. Gigas’ issues were found before Tekken 7 released on PC and consoles.

Weird attacks like this can be fatal to a player’s run in competitive tournaments if they encounter a gameplay bug during the match. Sometimes, characters can get banned mid-tournament if a character-specific bug is discovered. For casual players, knowing this could be a starting point to do some homework and gain an edge against your friends.

Fighting Game Frame Data

As much as fans like to clobber each other and claim victory in fighting games, studying its systems is part of the road to “get good” in them. Frame data has always been hidden in most fighting games but can be found through online references like Dustloop and Shoryuken.

As of late, some fighting games have made an effort to reveal these hidden values somewhere in the menus from the beginning. NetherRealms Studios’ fighting games like Mortal Kombat X and Injustice 2 reveal important data like attack startup and frame advantage on its move list menus. Attack Startup are used to gauge an attack’s speed while Frame Advantage measures a move’s usefulness against blocking foes. Lab Zero’s Skullgirls goes the extra mile and implements advanced settings in training mode to see hitboxes and hurtboxes while training. However, Tekken 7 has none of all these useful data in their menus. Each fighting game mixes up these complex elements differently to provide varied experiences in their titles and could work differently in each entry.

Once those Tekken 7 frame data comes up, it might be best to wait for more experienced players to give their takes on these datas. Knowing the data is one thing but applying it is on a different level of in-depth understanding.

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