Tekken 7 Akuma: Character Slowly Being Balanced Before PS4 & Xbox One Release

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Tekken 7

Recently, a new Tekken 7 patch rolled out which heavily nerfed the Street Fighter crossover character Akuma in the game. It?s possible that this nerf might also be for the upcoming console version as it may get announced in the upcoming gaming events like Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show this year. Here?s what we know so far about Tekken 7?s Akuma.

According to a translated patch notes update from AvoidingThePuddle, Tekken 7?s Akuma has been heavily nerfed as his updated version features decreased damage in most of his normal and special moves. Additionally, this patch may have made Akuma a risky pick as some of his moves are more unsafe when blocked. After this recent patch, Akuma players may be punished much easier if they play carelessly and they must exert more effort if they wish to deal similar damage before this patch.

This Akuma nerf might be considered to preempt the console release players as most Street Fighter and general fighting game players are on consoles. According to the Tekken Reddit, some players admit that Akuma was designed to be strong to attract new players with a familiar character outside Tekken. Since the game might be coming to consoles soon, the nerfs may have been to prepare the console players for a more balanced Akuma.

In the Tekken 7 cast, Akuma is the only character with an EX meter fashioned similarly from the Street Fighter 4 games. Tekken 7?s Akuma also has both a mix of Street Fighter and Tekken systems which could definitely encourage players of other fighting games to try out Bandai Namco?s new fighting game.

Most fighting games have a meter to manage which a character can use to gain a sudden advantage, intimidate his opponent with his potential with a filled meter, or use a unique super move that deals heavy damage. The regular characters only have Rage Mode and Rage Attack systems which are triggered when a character hits low health. While the normal characters may not have a meter to use, the Rage Mode system skyrockets their comeback potential with their amplified damage during this Rage mode state. For now, players may expect a Bandai Namco appearance in the upcoming Gamescom this August and Tokyo Game Show next month where they might announce a PS4 and Xbox One release date for Tekken 7.

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