Tekken 6 – The Campaign MODE?

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With Tekken 6 arriving in stores for a 10.28.09 release date, I thought it would be nice to show you a portion of the game that will probably get little to no press.

We have all played Tekken for many different SONY consoles over the years. I think we can all agree on one thing, Tekken is one of the top three 3D fighters on the market along with the Dead or Alive and Soul Calibur series. Now don’t get me wrong, I was never a big fan of the Tekken series and I thought that the weird mission based sub game for the series were a bit on the tacked on realm of possibilities.

OK, ok…..listen up folks, first off I’m going to be playing the hell out of Tekken 6 during it’s launch window for I say around 2-3 weeks max. After that I’ll be moving on to something new, just like most of you out there. But maybe, just maybe I’ll want to hang out for some “Campaign MODE” as long as I’m rewarded with some good Achievement Points and if the Online is polished with a solid net code for lag less gaming.

As time passes on and more and more gamers move to a more FPS, Action, and Adventure online gaming community. It feels like even my friends that lived by games like Tekken, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur and my favorite Dead or Alive. Many of them don’t play those fighters for more than a few weeks after launch and maybe once or twice a month after that.

Don’t those of you in your upper twenties recall all night gaming sessions of Mortal Kombat and Super Street Fighter? We used to play those game hard, all the way until the next released version. My thought on this is that many gamers of this generation only look for a quick fill until the next months releases and never really go back to older games as often as these games deserve. But of course all of this is just personal talk from an old school gamer. You should make your own assessment.

My final thought’s on Tekken 6 is that no matter how many missions their are in it’s “campaign”, it’s probably a portion of the game that will fall to the way side as a feature that even get’s any real mention. Check the video out and you tell me if you get what your supposed to be doing. I don’t know if your playing this as co-op or competitively? But I think that’s just me? Peace!


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