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Tegra K-1 Being Introduced into Tablet; A Possible Mobile PS3 Experience?

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If you?re a hardcore gamer, then this is welcome news. Remember the time when the Game Boy and the Game Gear were the rage because you can bring your favorite games from the NES and the Sega Genesis with you? Since those days, the best we can ever hope to use were the PSP (not really as powerful as the PS2) and the NDS (now this we can dig). However, if you want to carry PC gaming with you, it wasn?t really conceivable.

PC systems run on a network of boards and chipsets and these work in tandem to bring you crisp, clean images and processes. If you?re hoping to bring the experience along with you, then you?re going to have to cram an entire PC?s worth of accessories into a tablet, the next best thing we can have to portable CPUs. However, tablets can?t really run complex games such as Skyrim or Call of Duty in the same way that a PC can. Or can they?

Recently, NVidia had a break through with a tablet that is touting an 8-inch, brand new Tegra K-1 chip. How they managed to do it, no one knows. The important thing here is that there is finally something close enough to a portable PC for gamers to play their hardcore games on.

Say hello to the Shield slab, a tablet designed to provide high-end games experience on a portable environment. It has crisp images, even more crispy graphics, and it can play both Android games and, if you connect it to desktops using NVidia?s Gamestream Tech, it can also play graphically-heavy PC games. Imagine playing Skyrim while lounging in your living room or while lying down on a bed.

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It is all 1080p of raw, graphical power, and it comes with a 16GB and 32GB space, fully expandable with a Micro SD. It also carries a controller, if you want to use one with your game. Models will be equipped with Wi-Fi and LTE and it is powered by the aforementioned Tegra K1 chip. As for the specs, the Shield will sport 192 Kepler GPU cores, 8 CPU cores, and all full support for NVidia?s CUDA GPU language. The K1, for its part, has an 8-core, 2.2 GHz ARM Cortex-A15 CPU. It will use 2GB of RAM, and is running on the Android Kit Kat 4.4 OS.

In layman?s terms, however, if you?re asking about the performance of the tablet, consider it as a portable Xbox 360 or a PS3, for that matter. Both these consoles served as comparisons when the Shield was first run. This was also the first tablet they designed specifically for gamers who use tablets, since it delivers a unique combination of tablet and gaming experience which will keep even the most avid gamers glued to their screens.

The Shield is only the first of a series of NVidia Shield hardware lines, launched last year with this very first model. It is a combination of a game controller similar to that of a console which is connectable to a flip able 5-in screen.

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