Teferi the Planeswalker as Commander 2014 in MtG: Serra and Freyalise next?

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I can have Serra and Freyalise Planeswalker? Or Jeska? Or Jhoira? Or past-Venser? Or?or NO, NOT URZA, ANYONE BUT URZAAAA!!

So that?s how I reacted to the new Commander 2014 product that was just announced with one of my favourite characters (take note, characters?not cards) at #ComicCon. Why is Teferi, The Temporal Mage showing up as one of the C14 products so exciting? Here?s why:

  • The last time Teferi came out was in the Time Spiral Block, where he just saved his plane from being ripped out of existence.
  • This sets a precedent where you can expect old characters to come out in new cards.
  • Teferi is a Planeswalker. He is a Planeswalker that brings all the other Planeswalkers to the yard.
  • Teferi, The Temporal Mage is the only Planeswalker so far that can be your commander.
  • This means that the other decks will have Planeswalker Commanders and will probably feature old characters.
  • Mark Rosewater has confirmed that the set is going to feature Legendary creatures from the lore that haven?t been featured. But not all of them are going to be Planeswalkers.

Behold, the prelude to the most exciting Commander product so far:

teferi planeswalker


So this has brought so much speculation in the Magic the Gathering community about the other decks. While another card has been revealed, Ghoulcaller Gisa (with an appropriately sassy flavour text sassing Geralf), the rumor machine is grinding away.


Here are the picks I want for the other Commander 2014 Decks:

White ? Serra

There hasn?t been a card where Serra has been featured as a living, breathing character in the art. But we all know Serra?s realm as a pure-white plane full of Angels; now defunct since old Phyrexia got to it. For me, this would be the best time to finally get someone like Rebecca Guay or Terese Nielsen or Chippy to do her art.

Black ? Leshrac

His Herald, Minion and Rite have been around for so long, but we?ve never seen this chaotic force of pure evil that somehow survived the Brothers? War. If I were looking for an original Black Mage, Leshrac is my guy. He?s even got the equally-evil pawn Lim-Dul as his whipping boy. While I have endless admiration for Yawgmoth, he is other and not a Planeswalker (he?s a plane himself).

Green ? Freyalise

I?m not a big fan of green cards but I love Freyalise. Who doesn?t love an elf with an eyepatch? Did I also mention she broke the Twelve Worlds when she used her World Spell? After all those years, when the planes were fracturing and Skyshroud was about to be swallowed up by the biggest rift, she sacrificed herself (and her spark?) to seal the rift. Please excuse me while I sob in the corner thinking if she does appear as the Green C14 Planeswalker.

Red – ?????

To tell you the truth, I really don?t know who could be the red Planeswalker. Part of me wants it to be Jhoira, but she isn’t a Planeswalker and we know she has blue in her as well. The next best choices are Jeska or Jaya Ballard. These two have the most impact on the MtG storyline so they may be the best picks. But there are so many other characters and red has always been a hit or miss with their mechanics and character choices.

What do you think of my speculations? Not all of the new Planeswalkers are going to be old characters according to Mark Rosewater, but I also still have to get over the fact that the Planeswalkers in the set can be commanders. This could probably WotC?s nod to the incomprehensible cosmic power the old walkers like Teferi, Urza and Dyfed used to have. If it is, then I think this is the best year for me as a Commander or EDH player.

photo from: @wizards_magic?http://t.co/LKqTORTjOc

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