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Teens React to the Horror Game ?Affected: The Manor? While Wearing Oculus Rift

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Photo source and credits to the makers of the game

Watch these teens get scared the living hell out of them in this latest Teens React video that features the game ?Affected: The Manor? but with a twist! The guys from React made them wear the Oculus Rift!

Latest episode of Teens React features the game Affected: The Oculus Rift Horror Experience and on that video, the teens will play The Manor.

Just so you know, Affected: The Oculus Rift Horror Experience is a horror, first-person perspective game that gives you a new kind of immersion, thrill and a hell lot of jump scares. The IP offers three levels, The Manor, The Asylum and The Carnival and as said on their web page, all stages hold their own dark secrets and their own unique scare.

Teens React to ?Affected: The Manor?

Disclaimer Warning: Do not watch the video if you have a heart condition as this game contains a lot of jump scares. Consider yourself warned.

Here is the video of the latest React episode from The Fine Brothers:

Credits to React YouTube channel

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This latest episode from React was funny not because of the comments they made but the way they react to the jump scares of the IP.

However, there was one moment?and comment?in the video that is definitely worth a good chuckle. It was when Tom, the guy wearing the checkered polo, went inside this ballroom where the furniture suddenly levitates. The scene starts at around 7:40 of the video.

I too would scream like hell if I ever play a game like this. It looks a lot of fun though especially when you are with your close friends.

My favorite reaction from The Fine Brothers? Teens React to Games

It?s always fun to watch other people get scared while playing a horror game such as this. However, there?s one reaction that I find really funny?and cute?it was Madison?s reaction.

The way she reacts is kind of like an innocent child and it?s actually pretty sweet.

Photo source and credits to the makers of the game

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