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Another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie? It sounds unbelievable, but that is what this Coming Soon report is saying. Michael Bay, a director more famously known for his movies containing spectacular chase scenes and explosions, is once again willing to ride on with the Turtles and the lovely April O?Neil. He is also giving a sneak peek to how the movie is shaping up even now.

That?s not the only rumor running around. According to this Classicalite news, the Turtles may be getting help from someone else?the Arrow himself. ?Arrow? actor Stephen Amell may be joining Bay in making the Turtles a reality once again. This time, however, Amell won?t be donning the Green, but something else entirely?anyone care for a brutal round of hockey?

A Look into the Production

The Turtles seem to be ready for a return engagement, if Michael Bay has anything to say about it.

Michael Bay, in this report from Coming Soon, was willing to show people what he has been up to in relation to everyone?s beloved Teen Turtles. The familiar suspects?Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, and Andrew Form?are banding up once again, according to the report. Megan Fox will once again be on hand to act as the Turtles? attractive female co-hort, April O?Neil.

First images of the movie appears with the Coming Soon report. The images are that of the Turtles? new ?garbage truck? vehicle, along with the Polaris Slingshot.

Casey Jones gets a Face

Interestingly enough, the Turtles will be joined by a familiar face, Casey Jones.

According to Classicalite, the role for Casey Jones isn?t going to be played by just anyone?Michael Bay has gotten in touch with Stephen Amell. Amell, as many knows, already plays another costumed hero in the guise of Oliver Queen, or more familiarly known as the Green Arrow.

Stephen Amell seems to have confirmed that the talks have gone through. Through photos that he shared on his Twitter account, Amell has posted images of Casey Jones along with a request for people to find him a hockey mask. It seems to be a rockin? good time for the Turtles this time around.

A Return Ride

Loyal fans of the heroes in a half-shell should be excited about their return on the big-screen. Will people be treated to another adrenaline ride once again? Whatever the case, fans will be sure that it?s another fun-filled and explosive ride, especially with Michael Bay at the helm.


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