Teen Wolf Season 6 Updates: Tyler Posey to be Single Both in Real Life and on the Show!

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To stay single, this is what you should expect for Scott McCall, as portrayed by Tyler Posey in the forthcoming Teen Wolf Season 6. It is confirmed by the actor himself that his role reprisal in the series will not be involved in any love affair.

Posey assured fans in an interview that his character will definitely be a better version in the sixth installment. According to him, Scott is expected to be stronger and wiser than he was during the past seasons. It should be noted that Scott usually appears to be on the darker side.

The actor also reminisced, during the interview, about what had happened in the early parts of the fifth season, specifically the scenes when Theo meddled with his life with the purpose of conquering Beacon Hills. He went on to say that Scott will be in a good place once the next season starts airing. This might surprise many fans since Scott is not usually a smiling person or at least his happiness is hardly felt.

So why will Scott be loveless in Teen Wolf Season 6? It must be remembered that we have reported on Kira Yukimura?s decision not to return to the series anymore. Yukimura is the one playing the love interest of Scott, Arden Cho. This will leave Scott with no someone in the show, as affirmed by the showrunner of Teen Wolf. ?

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Should this be happening, Season 6 will be interesting to watch, now that Tyler, who usually has someone, will be a bachelor. ?It must be known that Scott had been romantically involved with two girls in the past five seasons of the series.

The first one was Allison, however, their relationship was cut short due to tragic turnout of events. He then got involved with Kira which showed a romantic yet funny affair. But now, Scott?s priority will be his graduation, of course, and being single in the sixth season will surely be a great help.

This will be the first time that Scott is single in the show. Kira appeared just right after the Allison-Tyler affair started falling out. Allison was played by Crystal Reed.

Coincidentally, this will also be the first time that Tyler himself is single after two years of being in a relationship in real life.

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