‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6 Spoilers: Tyler Posey Tells Everything We Need to Know about the Ghost Riders

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After it has been confirmed that the Ghost Riders will be the next mythology in Beacon Hills, Teen Wolf fans are excited to learn what they are bound to contribute to the show. And while the confirmation leaves us guessing for quite some time, Tyler Posey hinted about the happenings we could expect.

Posey portrays Scott on the show, which is one of the lead roles. According to him, all the villains on the show have had an agenda. Viewers could expect that dealing with this new set of antagonist will be intense. The actor revealed that his character, along with the squad that he leads will be wary of these mythological beings.

In addition, Posey said that every villain wants to be the boss. Each one of them is in thirst for power. It was stated that the Ghost Riders are the types of villains that acts without a thought. Posey said it is just how they are in their quest to obtain a certain amount of power.

Just so fans could expect how the Ghost Riders are going to be, Posey said they are like zombies with no brains. He said they are game about doing crazy things. Surprisingly, he admitted that it was actually what he likes about these new villains.

Based on these facts, we could conclude that somebody is behind the Ghost Riders? attack. Their existence is for one goal. It is easy to tell that somebody manipulates them and there is a bigger villain than all of them combined. Posey said that the storm is full of these Ghost Riders. They are the ones who would grab souls and take them into other places.

Teen Wolf recently treated fans with a Q&A event and various media interviews with the show’s cast at the San Diego Comic-Con. However, fans are disheartened upon learning that the upcoming chapter of the Jeff Davis-created thriller will be the last.

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