?Teen Wolf? Season 6 Spoilers: Expect A More ?Mature? Storyline

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While the airing of ?Teen Wolf? Season 5 is yet to be seen, it seems that the next installment of the TV series is now underway. It just mean one thing for fans – they don?t have to wait too long in between seasons. Good news, right?!

It seems that MTV is also excited, with all these things to look forward to in the forthcoming installment.

According to a report from Christian Today, the Season 6 will revolve around mature content this time. Linden Ashby, who acts as Sheriff Stilinski in the series, shared on ?Not Another Teen Wolf? podcast that the episodes will be really scary, but not in the usual creepy monster way. So what makes it ?scary??

Well, expect a different theme this season. Ashby declined to share any further except to reiterate on the adult themes so don?t be surprise if there will be more intense sexual scenes or more gory scenes with characters brutally killed.

A separate article from Christian Today also revealed that the venue where the shoot is taking place. It is reportedly in a ?haunted mansion? in Inglewood, California. So is that what they really meant by scary?

Want some takeaways?

Kira, played by Arden Cho, is rumored to be killed off in the next season. It is interesting to know why Kira should be killed. We should take note that it will be deeper than just completing the kitsune ritual and that there?s no more need for her character.

Report of Christian Today, meanwhile said that Kira?s death may be caused by Scott, played by Tyler Posey, who resorts to evilness. This may also result in a much worst scenario where other lives will be endangered due to Scott?s possible actions. A lot of speculation all around and we have two whole new seasons to look forward to!

Season 6 premiere date has yet to be released.

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