Teen Wolf Season 6 Spoilers: Dylan O?Brien?s Photos Filming A Scene For The Show, Released!

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And yes he?s back, folks! Dylan O?Brien, after all the rumors spreading about her uncertainty of reprising his role in the forthcoming Teen Wolf Season 6, is confirmed to be part anew in the series. The revelation, this time, did not come from rumors and word of mouth but through pictures.

It must be known that O?Brien?s character, Stiles Stilinski, has been one of, if not, the major characters in the show. ?He has been part of the series the beginning with most fans carefully followed his life. And with so much just like you, we give you a glimpse of Stiles in the forthcoming Teen Wolf Season 6. The photos were released by MTV on their website showing the actor filming a scene.

Indeed, Dylan, despite the tragic accident that happened to him, won?t let go of his character in the series just easily.

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Executive producer Jeff Davis said that the upcoming sixth installment will mostly revolve around Stiles Stilinski. He further bared that the show will be giving highlight to the character?s definition of friendship especially when it comes to Scott, Lydia and Malia.

It should be remembered that O?Brien suffered wounds and injuries when an accident occurred while he filmed Maze Runner: The Death Cure. This caused a lot of questions on whether he is physically fit to reprise his role in the series.

Rumors that he can?t be join the team came as his injuries were serious. The incident also caused the delayed release of the movie which will be taking place somewhere in 2018, a year later than the original target airing.

But Dylan just shrugged his wounds and bruises and decided to return for Teen Wolf Season 6. ?We?re going to see just what Stiles? friendship means to Scott [Tyler Posey], Lydia [Holland Roden], and Malia [Shelley Hennig]. We?re going to see why exactly he?s Scott?s best friend, what it means that he?s Malia?s human anchor, and what his will-they-or-won?t-they relationship is with Lydia,? David said as posted in IB Times.

The development in the friendship of Stiles and to his friends were evident in the recent photos released by MTV. As seen in the images, Scott and Stiles appear to be having an intimate conversation just a few steps away the school field.

It must be noted that Davis has previously admitted that something big is prepared for the two in the pilot episode of the upcoming season 6.

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