Teen Wolf Season 6 Spoilers: Dylan O’Brien the Cause of Show?s Cancellation? Lydia and Malia to Get into a Catfight Over Stiles?

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When it was reported that Season 6 will be the last for Teen Wolf, fans were seriously devastated. Although the announcement is not really surprising, avid viewers still kept their hopes up that due to fans? petitions, the series would still get renewed after Teen Wolf Season 6. But it looks like it is not happening.

Rumor has it that Dylan O’Brien is the primary reason why Teen Wolf will not continue with a seventh season. Following his accident from shooting the film Maze Runner, it will be difficult for him to take on his role in Teen Wolf as Stiles. But since it was already confirmed that he will be back for the sixth season, it is unlikely that he is the reason why the show will no longer have another installment. In fact, fans will be seeing him for the entire season 6.

Although the hit MTV show is not going to be around after season 6, fans could at least enjoy its last season. It looks like Teen Wolf Season 6 has a lot to offer to everyone. It could see the return of Theo Raeken, a character played by Cody Christian.

In the last episodes of Teen Wolf, Theo was dragged down to hell. After going through all that and coming back, fans will most likely see a stronger version of Theo in the upcoming season. Although Scott and the rest of the team doubt his intentions at first, they will eventually accept him again as a member of their group. However, Theo will still be a bad guy. Reports claim though that a new angle will be shown as he will be significantly different from the past episodes.

Since Teen Wolf Season 6 is going to be the last for the series, viewers can also expect it to be the most exciting. Stiles will finally choose between Lydia and Malia. There is a huge possibility that he is going to end up with Lydia, but their love story is not going to be too easy. According to spoilers, Lydia and Malia will be involved in a physical fight against each other over Stiles.

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