Teen Wolf Season 6 Spoilers: Braeden-Derek Love Affair Looms In The Show!

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With everyone raring to see Teen Wolf Season 6, more and more updates are being revealed.

In a report of Movie News Guide, Meagan Tandy, who portrays the role of Braeden in the series, has yet to commit with the offer of a role reprisal in Teen Wolf Season 6. The actress revealed that she is now working with two other projects so committing for a third show might be difficult for her. However, she hinted that she might still accept the role in the series, citing that it is not easy to say no to show creator Jeff Davis.

Tandy also shared her take on the looming romance between Braeden and Derek Hale, played by Tyler Hoechlin, in the sixth installment of the show. She said in an interview that the two characters are both strong individual yet love to be alone. So they just blend with each other?s characteristics.

With this, it is not impossible if Derek and Braeden should find love in the upcoming return of the Teen Wolf to the small screens. It should be noted that even in the previous season, the two were seen having a special affection for one another.

The actress also said that her character will surely be all out in helping Scott fight against the werejaguar. In her words, ?I think she was still all about the job, and still about getting the job done.?

Meanwhile, Melissa Ponzio, who plays the role of Scott McCall?s mother, teased through her Twitter account that new faces, emotions and problems will be shown in the sixth season of the show. However, the actress, more known in the series as Melissa McCall, followed her tweet with a post saying she cannot reveal anything more than that.

Many fans connected the tweets to Tandy reprising her role in the series. But it must be noted that nothing has been confirmed so far especially Braeden?s reappearance in Teen Wolf Season 6. It should be remembered that Braeden first appeared on Season 3 of the show.

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