Teen Wolf Season 6 Official Trailer Uncovered at San Diego Comic Com; Season Announced As Final Dance of the Show

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It?s a bittersweet revelation for everyone who is excited to see Teen Wolf Season 6.

It has been months of waiting and MTV finally revealed the first official trailer for the sixth installment of the show before the audience of the San Diego Comic Con, much to the delight of the fans, albeit temporarily.

The joy was cut short as it was also announced that it will the final and last season of the much loved and watched Teen Wolf series. It was Jeff Davis, the show producer, who announced the heartbreaking revelation that it will be the final dance of the show on the small screens. It was also put in the trailer.

It can be seen in the promotional teaser, which lasted for almost two minutes, darkness, mist and what appears to be surgical equipment. While the said frame is rolling, a voiceover bared that a terrible event is set to happen. The trailer also suggests that the upcoming show will have more action, drama and most importantly romance.

The video also uncovered a glimpse of the presence of the Ghost Riders who are expected to be the newest antagonists in Beacon Hills. It should be remembered that Ghost Riders were mentioned in the Wild Hunt myth, which was aired a year ago.

Deaton, played by Seth Gilliam, can be heard reminding Scott, portrayed by Tyler Posey, that the villains can do more than what the latter thinks they can do. ?But the truth is much worse: They erase people from reality,? he said.

Returning cast member Dylan O?Brien, who is playing the role of Stiles in the series, will be bothered with Deaton?s revelation as he feels that he is the next in line as the Wild Hunt?s target. It was also teased that Malia, played by Shelley Hennig, along with Sheriff Stillinski, portrayed by Linden Ashby, will be forgetting Stiles as well.

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Stiles will not be the only one who will be targeted by the villains as Peter Hale?s character Ian Bohen appears to also be a victim of the Ghost Riders. The two of them will both be forgotten.

Before the much awaited release of the teaser, Teen Wolf Season 6 has been a hot topic on social media as fans couldn?t hold in their excitement while anticipating for the revelations in the series.

Although the happiness of the fans reached its peak after the confirmation of O?Brien?s reprisal in the series despite the accident that happened while he filmed a scene for his movie and the release of the trailer, the fact that the series? sixth season will be the last one makes everyone feel the pain.

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