Teen Wolf Season 6 Cast Updates: Tyler Hoechlin, Out; Dylan O?Brien, In!

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Bad news and good news for all excited fans of Teen Wolf Season 6. After a series of speculations of who?s in and who?s out for the forthcoming sixth installment of the show, the executive producer of the show, Jeff Davis, has finally spoken.

Let?s have the bad news first. While everyone is excited to see all the cast members from the previous seasons to return to the show, it won?t be happening this season 6. We all aware about some cast members who have opted not to reprise their roles for the show but it is shocking to know that Tyler Hoechlin is leaving the hit TV series as well.

Yes folks, he won?t be reprising his role as Derek Hale (okay girls, get a pillow for yourself and start crying). Rumor has it that he really intended to leave the show. The actor, however, stressed that he enjoyed being part of Teen Wolf. But he was honest enough to admit that it is getting a lot tougher for him to give his best for the character. Derek?s personality and actions are too serious for him already to the point that he can?t inject humor anymore. ?

?I actually really enjoyed all the arcs. I thought every season, they gave me something really kind of great and new to play with, so that was definitely never an issue that I had,? Hoechlin said as mentioned in an MNG article.

The actor confirmed that he won?t be suiting up as Derek in the show anymore, citing his busy schedule and prior commitments, such as the upcoming erotic film Fifty Shades Darker. We have previously reported that he will be playing a role in the movie, which is close to the lead character Anastasia Steele, portrayed by Dakota Johnson.

Reports also said that Hoechlin is currently working as future Superman in another hit TV series Supergirl. Tyler also said that the baton is now with Scott so his role as Derek has ended already.

So what?s the good news? Okay girls, wipe your tears now as Davis confirmed that Dylan O?Brien will surely be seen in Teen Wolf Season 6. He will still be portraying the role of Stiles Stilinski. But the show appears to be still on hunt for a look-alike of Dylan as they wait for the actor to be fully healed. It must be known that O?Brien suffered in an accident while filming his movie The Maze Runner. But don?t worry, once he is okay, he will be back in the series again.

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