Teen Wolf Season 6 Cast: Updates On Scott, Dylan, Stiles, Liam

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The Teen Wolf Season 6 cast and showrunner Jeff Davis will be at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con this July 21, though there are no announcements yet about the specific cast members joining the panel. In the meantime, we have some updates on Scott, Dylan, Stiles and Liam. Will we see them in the series? next installment? What are the possible plotlines for the characters after last season?s events?

Scott will be in a pretty good place when the series picks up

The fifth season saw Scott struggle to reunite his pack and mend friendships. He was able to defeat Theo and the Dread Doctors as well, so when Scott returns in the series, he will be in a pretty good place. Tyler Posey who plays Scott told Entertainment Weekly, ?He?s rebuilt. Everything that happened in Season 5 made him stronger so when Season 6 comes up, he?s got a good head on his shoulders, nothing bad has happened in Beacon Hills lately, so he?s feeling confident about that. He?s in a pretty good place. When we pick up with him, he?s somewhat happy, which is sort of unusual for Scott.?

Stiles and Lydia?s relationship will be a focal point in Season 6

After Dylan O?Brien?s vehicular stunt accident on set while filming Maze Runner: The Death Cure, fans have been worried if fan-favorite, Stiles, will return to the show. The production for the third Maze Runner installment has been put on hold as O?Brien recovers but Davis assured fans that he will reprise his role in Teen Wolf Season 6 as he remains to be a core part of the show.

In fact, Davis teased about Stiles and Lydia?s relationship on TV Line. ?Something big happens in the very first episode of Season 6 between Stiles and Lydia, which you?ll have to tune in to see,? he said.


Liam will head the Pack as Scott and Stiles graduate?

There have been speculations that Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) will replace Scott as the leader of the Pack, Parent Herald reports. According to spoilers, we will see Scott and Stiles head for graduation as they will be in their senior year?s second half when the series picks up.

Davis said in an earlier interview that Season 6 may possibly focus on the younger members of the Pack as they prepare for Scott and Stiles? graduation. It is also possible that Scott will take over the role of Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) as Liam?s mentor.

The Teen Wolf Season 6 release date is usually set for June but due to the delay in production, it has been moved to a later time. We will most probably confirm a release date during the 2016 San Diego Comic Con plus other details on the upcoming season.

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