Teen Wolf Season 6 Cast Updates: Is This The Last Season For Scott And Stiles?

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While everyone waits for the release of the forthcoming Teen Wolf Season 6, the fate of the seventh season of the series is already being talked about. Everything is still sketchy about the sixth installment of Teen Wolf and fans can not wait for more updates about the show. Yet, the supposed next season of the show is already being circulated online.

It is expected that the show will pick up where it left off and will be showing Scott and Stiles Stilinski on the second half of their last year in secondary school. This just means that most of the major characters in the series will be graduating soon.

And by the time this happens, everyone is now asking whether these actors and actresses will still be reprising their role should Teen Wolf go for its seventh installment. Many are also asking if this is also a sign that Beacon Hills is soon to be over in the show.

Answers will surely be uncovered as the episodes of season 6 unfold, but the important thing right now is the graduation of the two lead actors of the show: Tyler Posey, who portrays the role of Scott, and Dylan O?Brien, who plays the role of Stiles.

After graduating, Scott will be turning over the baton to his successor as the leader of the pack. We have previously reported that this person will Liam, acted by Dylan Sprayberry. Jeff Davis, show?s executive producer, bared that they are giving the spotlight to the younger cast members to allow the graduating seniors, Scott and Stiles, to finish their last year in high school and move to the next level.

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After season 6, will Scott and Stiles still be seen in the next season? Some are feeling that it won?t. This might be the last season for the two characters along with their ?batchmates.?

Meanwhile, we have reported that Teen Wolf Season 6 team will be attending the 2016 San Diego Comic Con. Most of the cast members and crew of the show will be present in the event where they will release the official teaser of the upcoming show. The convention will be held on July 21 to 24 so to those who can drop by make sure to look for Teen Wolf team.

It is also expected that Davis and other members of the production team will finally give everyone an update about O?Brien?s current condition. The actor figured in an accident while filming his movie The Maze Runner, making his return in the TV series in question before.

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