Teen Wolf Season 6 Cast, Release Updates: Show Looks For Dylan O?Brien Photo Double; Isn?t He Returning To The Series?

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We all know by this time that Dylan O? Brien is yet to confirm whether he will be reprising his role as Stiles in the hit TV series Teen Wolf Season 6. It must be remembered that O?Brien suffered a tragic injury while filming a scene for his upcoming movie Maze Runner.

While the fans are raring to see O?Brien suit up for the forthcoming sixth installment, rumors revealed that the production team are looking for a photo double of the actor for the show. According to several reports, the team is also looking for O?Brien?s look-a-like.Is this the way of the show to conceal Stiles? absence in the upcoming series?

Teen Wolf News revealed that a casting notice was circulating where it says they are looking for Dylan?s look-a-like. However, the call out is looking for O?Brien same look back in the first season of Teen Wolf. It says that they need someone who has the same hair and looks of Stiles in Season 1.

Should this be true, it just affirms speculations that O?Brien has yet to be healed and cannot return yet to the show. So, they might be using a look-a-like for the meantime until Dylan will be able to participate in the cast of Teen Wolf Season 6.

Meanwhile, another returning cast member, Melissa Ponzio, who portrays the role of Scott McCall?s mother, shared a glimpse from behind the scenes of the series. She posted on her Instagram a photo of the set while filming Teen Wolf Season 6. McCall is played by Tyler Posey. However, the photo did not drop any hints that Dylan is returning to the series and ready to reprise his role as Stiles, which raises the question anew about the return of the latter to the series.

We have previously reported that Maegan Tandy, who played the role of Braeden in the show, is thinking of the offer to reappear in season 6. This is because she is still committed to other projects. But, she stressed that Jeff Davis, the showrunner, is hard to be taken for granted so she does not want to close the door yet.

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