Teen Wolf Season 6 Cast And Airing Date Updates: O?Brien Not The Reason For Show?s Delay?

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After months of speculation on whether Dylan O?Brien will be reprising his role or not in the forthcoming Teen Wolf Season 6, it has recently been revealed that the actor will be returning in the show. However, his injury he suffered from filming a movie is now being speculated as a liability to the series.

While many are thinking that it is O?Brien who has caused the halt in the release date of Teen Wolf Season 6, it appears that it is not really the reason. An internal problem is looming involving MTV?s parent company, VIACOM, and some shareholders. This is the most probable reason of the show?s delay until now.

Aside from that reason, it looks like the departures of important characters from the past seasons are also why the final air date of the sixth season is yet to be released.

The upcoming sixth installment has yet to reveal its final air date but it is forecasted to be released next year. Should this happen, it will be an out of the trend date in the history of the TV show as the past five seasons were released in June. It is obvious that this won?t be happening now since June had ended already, while the official video teaser is scheduled to be shown in San Diego Comic Con this July.

Meanwhile, catching up on the latest about the cast members, Cody Christian, who portrays Theo, and O?Brien, playing the role of Stiles, might not be attending Comic Con. Well, O?Brien is currently on his way to recovery so he might choose to just rest.

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The idea that some of the characters in Teen Wolf Season 6 won?t be attending the event was after showrunner Jeff Davis hinted that not everyone was invited to SDCC, while those invited are not yet confirming their participation. ?

Despite this, Davis spilled crucial information that someone who has not yet been seen in the previous five installments will be joining the team in SDCC. According to the creator, at least one will be attending the comic con along the former cast members. However, he demurred on giving further details. ?

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