Teen Wolf Season 6 Air Date And Spoilers: Tyler Posey Hints Deeper ?Bromance? Between Scott And Stiles

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While the San Diego Comic Con has been over, the revelations about the forthcoming and much anticipated Teen Wolf Season 6 continue to be revealed in different reports. Here?s what we have gathered so far.

Reports revealed that the upcoming sixth installment of the series will not be a walk in a park for major characters. This may be the last season of the hit TV series but Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski and the rest of the group in Beacon Hills will be figured in another tough road. They are expected to be facing with new and powerful villains in the show such as the Ghost Riders.

The Ghost Riders are known for its capability to remove people from the reality. We have previously reported that Stiles and Scott will be forgotten by their loved ones as seen on the official trailer released during the Comic Con.
So when will be the show aired on small screens? Reports bared that Teen Wolf Season 6 will be premiering on November 15 this year on MTV.

It must be noted that the release of the sixth season may be unusual since the past installments of the series were premiered in June but the push back may be attributed to the delays caused by unforced circumstances.

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Meanwhile, Tyler Posey, who portrays the role of Scott, hinted kiddingly a looming bromance between his character and Stiles in Teen Wolf Season 6. Posey bared that the two might be uncomfortable at the start of the show but this will change as the series progresses. He said that their relationship will be as close as they were during first season.

The closeness of the two rooted from their knowledge with each other?s life that allow them to have good bonding moments.

Posey further said that their friendship has been tested so many times. So their relationship will definitely be deeper and stronger than ever coming into the upcoming show. According to him, the team Sciles will soon be leveling up.

It must be remembered that during the previous season the gang in Beacon Hills parted ways so Scott is really hoping that they will find each other back as one group. According to Posey, his character has always shown a compassion to people who help him.

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