Teen Wolf Season 5 Spoilers: Scott To Gain New Powers, Old Characters Return?

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Teen Wolf Season 5 spoilers
Teen Wolf Season 3 cast

Teen Wolf is all set to entertain you with second half of season 5 in the beginning of NewYear. Yes! As per the latest updates MTV has released the trailer of the mid season 5 episodes which included the premier date of telecast. The first part of Season 5 was successful in creating hype about the future episodes of well-loved characters- Lydia, Parrish and Malila. Now fingers crossed on what will happen on the second half of season 5.

The breathtaking thriller American series developed by Jeff Davison for MTV stared Tyler Posey as Scott, a teenager who was bitten by a wolf and his struggle to cope with the changes in his life after this incident. It?s predicted by the fans that successful saga of Teen Wolf will be continued in season 5B.

As Youth Health?reported, Scott McCall will be portrayed as a new strong villain. The Pack will keep away their differences and join hands to fight against new enemy at bay. Producer Jeff Davis has a plan of bringing back some teenage characters from previous seasons. He is been trying hard to convince the two youngsters who were in past season to be on screen once again, according to movienewsguide.com

One more reported at Moviepilot?says in her report, MTV is looking for an actress who resembles Makenna James, the actress who played Theo?s big sister in 5.07. So excited to know who will grab that golden role?

According to The Christian Post, Gideon Emery who was the villain in season 3, will come to help Scott to steal the power of beast. So, Scott will be more powerful in this season.

Despite of all these, few characters will be having their own personal troubles in the second part of the season. Marking the curious trailer, Realty Today?stated that Kira will be in trouble and trying hard to reach Beacon hills. At the same time, Stiles has to find ways to save Lydia from Eichen house. Will they succeed in this? All answers will be revealed come mid-season of Season 2.

Quoting producer Davison, Australia Network News also reported that, viewers can look forward for romance between Still and Malia. He also clearly mentioned that Derek will not be playing the role of Cameo in upcoming second part.? One more mysterious hint about the terror that?s about to happen! Why Lydia will be suddenly covered in blood when she kisses Parris. Was that a dream or real??? Malia is the centre of curiosity in the second part, dessert wolf?s target. Will she survive?

Of course, there are many more questions to be answered by the second part of season 5. So, hold your breath! A combo season of terror, romance and suspense Teen wolf season 5B will be on television on January 2016.


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