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Teen Mom OG Season 6 Recap: Farrah and Debra?s Endless Fights; Amber Gets a Makeover

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Just when viewers thought Farrah and Debra will be okay, things became worse between the two. The November 21 episode of Teen Mom OG Season 6 shows Farrah and her mom fighting because of a tree.

At first, Farrah tried to control her mood. She tried gardening to do that. However, she failed to take control of her emotions as she ended up being angry again.

It seems Farrah and Debra just can?t seem to get along. They keep arguing about different things. In the previous episode, they could not agree where to place a tree.

Teen Mom OG Season 6 November 21 Episode Recap

The previous episode of Teen Mom OG also shows Debra?s loyalty to her daughter. She was there to help here in the soft opening for her new furniture store even though they previously fought.

But it seemed Farrah did not appreciate her mom?s act. She did not like the way she prices inventories. Teen Mom OG viewers were not surprised when the two quarrelled again about that matter.

But that was not the end of all the fights. Farrah and her mom fought at the nail salon. The two were getting pedicures when Debra said she wanted to take a trip home. She did not explain the reason why she wanted to do that.

Her daughter was quick to accuse her that she wants to spend time with her boyfriend. Debra later expressed her feelings to a producer. She said she is tired of not being loved.

Amber?s Makeover

Since Amber gained weight again, she opted to treat herself with a makeover. She said she wants to go under the knife. Teen Mom OG Season 6 viewers would agree that Amber really needs something that will cheer her up. Check out video below to learn more about Amber?s makeover.

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