Tecmo Koei and Nintendo Plans To Release Another Fatal Frame. Wii U Exclusive AGAIN

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Fatal Frame
Fatal Frame

The series is going to have an additional sequel (but there?s a chance that it won?t have anything to do with the previous games. Much like how the Mask of Lunar Eclipse had no connection with Crimson Butterfly and Tormented).

Tecmo and Koei are working on a new title that will be the next installment of the horror series. The game will be exclusive to Wii U however. This is, however, not a major let down for most fans as Tecmo has already built quite some reputation with sticking with Nintendo. This is quite evident with Fatal Frame IV: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse and 3DS? Spirit Camera.

The game?s release date or even the official title was yet to be revealed however.

Tecmo Koei is also expanding the game franchise to different mediums. In the form of a Live Action movie adaptation of the original Fatal Frame game from PlayStation 2, ?Ayami Nakajo and Aoi Morikawa will star in the movie and the movie is scheduled for release this coming fall in Japan initially.

An original novel based from the series is also scheduled to be out this coming October. The team who will work behind the novel will be Kadokawa Horror Bunko and Eiji Otsuka.

A comic book is also planned and Kindaichi Case Files writer Shin Kibayashi (known by his pen name Tadashi Agi) will be working on it.

The latest Fatal Frame game (Mask of The Lunar Eclipse) was released exclusively for Wii and was never localized for US. The same thing happened with the remake of Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. (Also, a Wii exclusive game) The case might be different this time as the Wii U has better chances on having the game localized for US and other countries except Japan.

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