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Technology and Mayonnaise Brings NFC Equipped Tablets in Shopping Carts

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3-10Bizideas(Here is Part 3 of our ongoing series on ? 10 Great Tech Business Ideas For 2014?. For those who missed Part 1 & 2 ? please see below for the links. – Editor)

Tech and Mayo… in Mayonnaise. Who knew there would be a fit.

Hellman’s, the global mayonnaise brand has come up with another innovative idea in Brazil (In 2012, they managed to print receipts with personalised recipes depending on the items found and paid for in the shopping cart). This time, they have pushed technology one step further by installing NFC equipped tablets in shopping carts that are able to detect items near the shopper and then ?flashes? recipes in real time for the customer.

As the shopper makes their way around the supermarket, the tablet displays recipes ? but only with ones that use mayonnaise ? that contain whatever item the shopper is near to (think pasta and eggs for salads or tuna for sandwiches).

The mayonnaise brand has collaborated with CUBOCC, a creative agency to create these smart carts that pitch an idea to a customer at the exact moment when they are making the critical purchasing decision.

A similar strategy was used by Microsoft some time ago as a marketing activity for the Office 365 program software. Microsoft used a print advertisement in a magazine (Forbes) that enabled the reader to connect to a wifi connection, free of charge, to highlight the cloud capability of the software.


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