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Tech-savvy Mother?s day gift ideas

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If your mom isn?t allergic to tech (and even loves the convenience and novelty), we?ve got a list of Mother’s day gifts that will surely brighten Mother?s Day for her. Forget about pots, pans, questionable home decor, and spa gift certificates; these gifts are the ones that will get your mom calling her friends and showing off how awesome a gift-giver you are!


  • Everpurse Mini

Hey, even Dad might want one if it comes in a ?Murse? variant. This stylish purse charges your mom?s iPhone 5 or 5s up to 3 times while at the same time doubling as a wallet that can give Michael Kors a run for his money. Essentially, it keeps all her on-the-go resources in one fashion-forward, tech-savvy accessory. This is the perfect Mother’s day gift if your mom doesn’t wear or use anything from the Gap.


  • Kindle Paperwhite

Sure, she has a phone and a tablet, so why should she want an ebook reader? If you want to protect your mom?s eyes more and take out the inconvenience of charging devices often, this is the perfect gift. The Paperwhite doesn?t glare, it takes forever to use up its battery and it can hold up to 4 gigabytes of books! For a great touch, open the Kindle and load it up with tons of your mom?s favourite authors or new books. Throw in a premium leather case from Amazon to complete the elegant look for her mobile library.


  • Pebble Smartwatch

Instead of a new timepiece from the usual jewelry brands, get mom a Pebble, a smartwatch that syncs with her iPhone or Android phone. It?s stainless steel and comes with replaceable faces and a variety of straps for any fashion sense. It show notifications, maps, music, fitness data and a lot of other information on the e-ink display that lasts for up to a week!


  • Shine

If you think the Pebble is too gender-neutral or limited in its use, try Shine. This elegant-looking disc can be worn as a necklace, watch or bracelet. What?s important is that your mom wears it while she goes through her day so it can track her activity such as sleep, miles walked, steps, calories and other fitness-related data. If your mom is health-conscious or if you want her to start minding what she?s doing for the day, this is the gift for her. You can even check it yourself and monitor her progress.


  • Kate Spade tech accessory

Get your mom a new case for her iPad (Mini, Air or otherwise) or a laptop tote from Kate Spade. You can never go wrong with a bag or this particular brand for a Mother?s Day gift (yes, we’re looking at you, clueless sons). Kate Spade iPad cases are notoriously stylish and the brand?s bags are always made of premium leather with an understated and functional elegance.

Essentially, the best tech-savvy Mother?s Day gift is something that helps her get through the day and makes a great fashion statement at the same time.

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